July 07, 2020 10:44

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Customs strengthens IT application in customs operation

20:43 | 30/05/2020

VCN- Withpositive results on IT application, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the Customs sector is deploying new programs and plans to strengthen online performance, helping to quickly process and minimize contact between businesses and customs officers. 

customs strengthens it application in customs operation Customs sectors encourages people and businesses to use online public services
customs strengthens it application in customs operation Customs sector removes difficulties for enterprises
customs strengthens it application in customs operation Customs sector achieves more than VND 100,000 billion in revenue collection
customs strengthens it application in customs operation
The General Department of Vietnam Customs has strengthened IT application in operational activities

Perform effectively amid pandemic

According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC), amid theCovid-19 pandemic and following the Government’s directions, the GDVC has urgently reported, sufficiently and promptly provided information on import-export activities and immigration via IT system. Thereby, helping the Government, ministries and sectors to direct and deploy appropriate solutions in supporting and facilitating people and businesses in business and production.

In addition, the GDVC has focused on directing and handling obstacles and difficulties of businesses during customs clearance via online methods and remote working via Customs Portal,hotline and email.

On the other hand, to ensure smooth performance, the General Department has completed the setting up of a remote working environment and online meetings for customs officers via EdocCustoms system and applying online meeting technology solutions such as Microsoft Teams.

Regarding online public service, the GDVC has provided 171 of 192 online public services at level 3 and level 4, accounting for 89%, of which 162 customs procedures at level 4 (reaching 84.4%). The GDVC has integrated two online public services, including “Additional customs declaration" and "Cancel customs declaration" to the National Public Service Portal; proposed the Ministry of Finance the list of 60 procedures that should be connected to the portal in 2020.

Regarding the expansion of e-payment, 43 banks havecoordinated with the GDVC in revenue collection, of which 30 banks has participated in e-tax payment and customs clearance 24/7. The revenue collected online has reached 95.6% of the total revenue of the GDVC.

For the Vietnam automated system for Seaport customs management (VASM system), the Customs has offered this system at 33 of 35 local customs departments.

In addition, the Customs IT and Statistics Departmenthas supported technical departments and local departments to effectively use and exploit other IT systems.

Notably, for further interaction between the Customs authorities and the business community, the GDVC has offered a new version of the Customs portal at tongcuc.customs.gov.vn. At the same time, it has supported in deploying the portal of four customs departments, including (Dien Bien, Cao Bang, Ha Nam Ninh and Khanh Hoa).

Towards "digital Customs"

Promoting the positive results and to further promote the application of IT and specializedactivities, the GDVC has submitted to the Ministry of Finance for approval a system meeting core requirements of the Customs sector towards "Digital Customs”. It has collaborated with TFP Project Management Board to deploy activities to support the development of the scheme on redesigning the IT Customs system.

Also, the GDVC has completed and submitted to the competent authoritiesfor approvala 5-year Customs IT application plan (period 2021-2025); e-government architecture of the customs sector to be consistent with the architecture framework of Vietnam e-government and of the Finance sector; plan and integration of Customs online public services into the National Public Service Portal.

The GDVC continues to build a smart operating center of the Ministry of Finance and the GDVC; build the centralized portal system of the GDVC and perfect regulations on management and operation of the portal system; deployed the e-seal system for supervision ofgoods transported by containers under customs control.  Continues to ensure effective and safe management and operation of customs IT system; promptly supportpeople and businesses in customs clearance; ensure infrastructure, security information management.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan