February 28, 2020 07:43

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Customs sector issues anti-corruption plan

09:32 | 15/01/2020

VCN – The General Department of Vietnam Customs issued Decision No.38/QĐ-TCHQ about anti-corruption work in 2020.

customs sector issues anti corruption plan
illustration image. Source: Internet

This plan aims to raise awareness and responsibility of leaders of authorities and units in the directing and implementing of solutions to prevent, detect and handle acts of corruption in accordance with the provisions of law and at the same time, disseminating and educating about anti-corruption laws to raise public awareness of anti-corruption work.

In the plan, the Director General requested heads of units of the General Department, the directors of provincial Customs Departments and managers of customs branches have to be proactive in the research and implementing work fully, regularly, continuously and effectively at units about the law and directives on the fight against corruption.

The plan specified the contents that need to be implemented, from the dissemination and propagation of legal provisions, guidelines on anti-corruption work of the Central Government, the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Customs; to development of programs and plans to lead, direct and implement.

In addition, implementing publicly and transparently in the organisation, operation of the unit and fullfil responsibilities about explaination; fully comply with regulations on receiving and processing the information and denunciation of acts of corruption; comply with the code of conduct of officials with positions, powers and regulations of civil services of Vietnam Customs.

The plan also outlines other activities that must be implemented such as regulations on rotation of customs officials and employees; implementing administrative reform, applying IT in State management of customs to openly and transparently improve the effectiveness and efficiency of anti-corruption work in the system of State authorities; performing the task of preventing and combating smuggling, trade fraud and illegal transport of goods across borders, advise and propose leaders of all levels to promptly and lawfully handle violations that contribute to anti-corruption tasks of law enforcement agencies.

Along with that, units must implement regulations on inspection, examination and handling after inspection; complying with regulations on inspection of civil services, settle punishment for customs officials.

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy