September 25, 2018 17:58

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Customs sector and Tax sector contribute 94.2% of State revenue from handling violations

16:18 | 31/01/2018

VCN- The result has been reported by the National Steering Committee 389 at the online conference on summarizing working performance 2017 and deploying task 2018 held on 29th January, in Ha Noi.

customs sector and tax sector contribute 942 of state revenue from handling violations PCA often focuses on enterprises with signs of violations
customs sector and tax sector contribute 942 of state revenue from handling violations Customs reached the estimated target of state revenue
customs sector and tax sector contribute 942 of state revenue from handling violations Customs has chaired and coordinated violation seizures of 193,566 cases.
customs sector and tax sector contribute 942 of state revenue from handling violations
Customs force detected and handled hundreds of containers loading infringing goods in 2017. Photo: Q.H

According to the National Steering Committee 389, in 2017, the competent authorities detected and handled 225,824 cases, an increase of 1.15%. Over VND 23,100 billion (collected from handling administrative violation, seizing goods, Tax inspection and Tax arrears) was contributed to the State budget, up 7.17%; 1,637 cases were prosecuted, up 4.87%; 2,118 objects were prosecuted, up 13.69% compared to the same period in 2016.

Of which, through the anti-smuggling and post clearance audit, the Customs force detected, seized and handled 18,382 violations cases and contributed over VND 2,715 billion to the State budget, prosecuted 51 cases with 42 objects. Typically, 102 kg of rhinoceros horn, 329 kg of pangolin, 1,250 lead pellets, 4 air guns, 1 air gun set , 1 gun barrel, 1 gun-stock, 16,996 cigars, 155 Iphone 7 (new 100%) were detected and seized at Noi Bai International Airport- Hanoi city, and 35,000 cigarette packs were inspected and seized in Quang Ninh.

Through the inspection, the Tax force detected and handled 103,211 cases and contributed VND 19,048 billion to the State budget.

Therefore, the revenue collected from handling violations by the Customs and Tax accounted 94.2% (VND 21,763 billion) and accounted 53.8% from the violation cases (21,593 cases).

In addition, the Border Guard force detected and handled 3,171 violation cases, and contributed VND 152 billion and VND 857 million to the State budget, prosecuted 1,177 cases with 1,392 objects. The Market management detected and handled 90,648 violation cases and contributed VND 561 billion and VND 500 million to the State budget.

customs sector and tax sector contribute 942 of state revenue from handling violations Customs sector achieve 50% budget collection in 6 months

VCN – According to the statistic of General Department of Customs, till the end of June 2017, ...

Regarding the prevention of smuggling and trade fraud, the Director General of Vietnam Customs Nguyen Van Can said, through the transit regime, goods from foreign countries were transited via Vietnam to go to third countries; the objects destroyed the seal to take goods in the containers, even transport goods across borders, then divide goods into small amounts for domestic consumption.

In August 2017, the anti-smuggling force seized a shipment including 13 40-foot containers containing 300 tons of goods (watches, bags, shoes, etc.) infringing on intellectual property rights, trademark and types.

Perpetrators used sophisticated tricks through special infringement on intellectual property rights and trademark counterfeiting with Vietnam origin and famous trademarks. Perpetrators transported goods on land roads via border gates in the Northern border provinces and sea way to Laos and Cambodia. Besides, through the transshipment regime, the situations of smuggled goods with high tax rate and banned goods was incurred. Goods from developed countries were temporarily imported into Vietnam including industrial waste, electronic products, refrigeration, alcohol, beer, and then transited via Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, to seaports in Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau, and seaports in the Central region. Perpetrators cut seals and exchanged fraudulent goods for domestic consumption.

The first six months of 2017, the Customs actively collaborated with the Police force to investigate and handle 200 containers loading thousands of tons of cargo. The tricks of perpetrators are to take advantage of the policies on business establishment. For example, the case of 3 objects established 56 businesses by hiring motorbike drivers and using papers of people who were dead, or making fake identity cards to establish businesses, and taking advantage of temporary import for re-export to smuggle.

The Director General of Vietnam Customs Nguyen Van Can proposed that besides the initiative of the Customs and border control forces, the local governments need to further drastically prevent crime right at border gates. At the same time, the competent forces of the Northern provinces need to closely coordinate with domestic competent forces to prevent the transportation as well as trading of goods with low quality, and increase the sanction for the acts of taking advantage of the transit or transshipment regime to smuggle goods into Vietnam. Requesting the Ministry of Industry to amend and supplement provisions related to the transshipment and transit of goods in accordance with international practices.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan