September 22, 2018 12:59

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Customs provides 170 procedures through online public services

15:04 | 16/04/2018

VCN- Till now, 170 out of 180 Customs procedures have been provided by Customs through the online public service system.

hai quan cung cap 170 thu tuc qua dich vu cong truc tuyen Administrative reform shows progress
hai quan cung cap 170 thu tuc qua dich vu cong truc tuyen Customs strives to increase to 168 procedures for online public services
hai quan cung cap 170 thu tuc qua dich vu cong truc tuyen 122 online public services at level 4 have been implemented by Tax sector
hai quan cung cap 170 thu tuc qua dich vu cong truc tuyen
Online Customs Information System Portal Interface.

On 10 April 2018, Mr. Dang Nam Phong, Head of Customs Electronic Portal Management Division (the Department of Information and Customs Statistics under the General Department of Vietnam Customs) said that from the beginning of 2018 to date, there were 44 administrative procedures on the Public Service System.

Two new procedures (according to Decision 26 / QD / BTC of the Ministry of Finance announcing administrative procedures in the field of Customs) were introduced at the end of March 2018 are: The procedure for registration of participation in the tax exemption program; and the procedure for applying the tariff rate of commodity group 98.49. These administrative procedures fall under the jurisdiction of the Customs department or Customs Branch.

"With 170 administrative procedures put into the online public service system (level 3 and level 4), the Customs sector has provided the entire administrative procedures which are regularly exchanged among enterprises, people and the Customs office", said Mr. Dang Nam Phong.

On the grounds that the remaining 10 procedures have not yet been submitted to the online public service system, the representative of the Customs Electronic Portal Management Division said that the procedures had not yet been planned for the system because the deployment on the electronic environment might not be effective.

For example, the procedures for "considering tax exemption for imported specialized goods in service of security and defense if they can not be domestically produced". This is a procedure whereby the Ministry of Defense directly transfers dossiers to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, including the "confidential" dossiers.

Or customs procedures for trading and exchange of goods of border residents, the object of procedures are border residents, and the deployment of online public services for individuals are subject to residents, which is not effective.

hai quan cung cap 170 thu tuc qua dich vu cong truc tuyen Spreading the Customs administrative procedures to the Online Public Service System

VCN- In 2018, the Customs sector strives to put all administrative procedures in the customs sector to ...

Since the beginning of 2018, the Customs handled almost 3 million records of online public services. In particular, in the first quarter of 2018, the Customs processed nearly 2.7 million records, and more than 253,000 records from early April to date.

Currently, each year, the Customs handles more than 12 million records in electronic environment through automated clearance system VNACCS / VCIS, Electronic Payment Gateway, and HQ36a.

By Thai Binh/ Hoang Anh