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Customs officer owns lots of useful software

13:55 | 27/05/2019

VCN- Visiting Quang Tri Customs,  we were introduced to Tran Quoc Dinh, working at the Customs Enforcement Team under Lao Bao Border Gate Customs Branch, who has employed a lot of initiatives for utility management software.

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customs officer owns lots of useful software
Tran Quoc Dinh

Manager of the Branch said that Tran Quoc Dinh is the "owner" of much useful software used at the unit, which has even been developed and applied to the whole Customs sector. They include software to manage means of transport and goods of border residents and immigration passengers (this software was applied in the Customs sector in 2009-2010) and electronic storage software.

Dinh shared each piece of software is a product of a process of drawing experience from reality. The presentation of difficulties and shortcomings in management on paper meets numerous difficulties, so it takes several months from generating ideas to making plans for deployment.

To create such software, Dinh spent most of his free time to synthesize knowledge, research, then write and rewrite ideas many times, make the test to get comments from his colleagues.

For the electronic storage system, after only three months since the leader of Quang Tri Customs Branch assigned the task, Dinh launched this software. Although, the clerical-archives work is not his task but he is successful in putting this software into operation in the unit.

His motivation to write the electronic storage system was also because the volume of documents to be stored in the unit was too big, the cost of preservation, storage was high and searching them took a lot of time and effort. An electronic storage system solves those shortcomings. It also makes it easy for a user of this system, the user just installs the software on a regular computer and logs in to the system, they can look up any documents and the system will generate accurate results.

Dinh added the search or copying of documents stored in traditional forms took a lot of time. Thus, if the documents are stored electronically, it is easy and convenient to search and takes less time to copy a document. In addition, to ensure security, the system also automatically decentralises users.

For example, the system admin has the right to use functions of the software decentralise accounts to access the programme. Also, officers in charge of archives are allowed to use the functions and tasks of an officer working in archives such as updating, searching or printing documents.

Director of Quang Tri Customs Department Bui Thanh San highly appreciated the enthusiasm, dedication and efficiency of software researched by Tran Quoc Dinh.

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VCN- Catching up with the trend of the Fourth Revolution and fulfilling the request of the Government, ...

"The electronic storage software has overcome the limitations in storingand searching documents. This is considered a tool to store valuable documents and documents permanently. In the management of goods of border residents and immigration passengers, customs officers took a lot of time to supervise for supervision when the management software was developed. Therefore, from real work, the software to manage goods of border residents and immigration passengers ensures strict, unified and convenient management and reduces time for people, " San said.

By Quang Hung/ Huyen Trang