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Customs launches “drug prevention and control month”

14:15 | 03/06/2019

VCN- The General Department of Vietnam Customs issued Official Letter No. 3316/TCHQ-DTCBL launching “drug prevention and control month” (from June 1 to June 30, 2019).

customs launches drug prevention and control month Customs on the front Line of drug prevention and combat: Final Part: Special support needed for the customs force
customs launches drug prevention and control month Customs continue strengthening the work against drug crime
customs launches drug prevention and control month Customs on the front line of drug prevention and combat: Part 6: Uncanny coincidences of two imported shipments to Vietnam containing 238 kg of cocain
customs launches drug prevention and control month
500 kg of drugs hidden in plastic packaging machines were seized in Ho Chi Minh City in May 2019.

Directive 4550/CT-TCHQ dated August 2, 2018 has been implemented along with the instructions and plans of the General Department of Customs related to drug prevention and combat.

The Customs sector will strengthen the coordination between local authorities, unions and relevant sectors to organize propaganda activities on guidelines and policies of the Party and laws of the State on drug prevention and the harmful effects of drugs, contributing to raising the awareness and vigilance for people in localities on prevention, fighting drug crime in border areas and border gates.

Leaders of the General Department of Vietnam Customs also requested the units to strengthen the performance of specializedmeasures to control drugs, effective collection and analysis of domestic and foreign information, basic investigation and verificationof suspects and methods related to illegal trafficking of drugsand precursors to establish effective combat plans.

Through the detection of smuggling, illegal transportation of drugs and drug precursor, customs authorities promptly detect loopholes and shortcomings that smugglers abuse to advise leaders of all levels to amend and remedy.

Closely inspect and control the export, import, transportation and transit ofprecursors, addictive substances and psychotropic substances, especially in the industrial parks and export processing zones, not causing trouble or obstruction to import-export, exit and entry activities and ensure the safety of people and property.

The leaders of the General Department of Vietnam Customs also assigned specific tasks to the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department and local customs departments.

According to the leader of the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department, following directions of the leaders of the Ministry of Finance and with the support and close coordination of the Police and Border Guards, the Customs force has chaired, coordinated and prevented many special cases and broken down transnational drug crime lines,tackled many cases of trafficking in borders and border gates and seized thousands of kilograms of drugs.

From July 2018 to now (particularly after the promulgation of the Directive No. 4550/ CT-TCHQ dated August 2, 2018 of the General Director of Vietnam Customs), the anti-drug force of the Customs sector has chaired and coordinated with the competent forces in arresting 129 cases with 91 subjects.

Over 1.6 tons of drugs and nearly 180,000 synthetic drug tablets were seized, this is a record amount seized by the Customs force.

By Nguyen Quoc/ Ngoc Loan