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Customs issues plan on administrative reform in 2018

13:38 | 20/01/2018

VCN- With the aim of excellently fulfilling tasks, creating the initiative in work performance, and effectively deploying the task of administrative reform, the General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) has issued a plan on administrative reform in 2018.

customs issues plan on administrative reform in 2018 The State Treasury: The focus of Administrative reform is customers
customs issues plan on administrative reform in 2018 The Finance sector is active in administrative reform activities
customs issues plan on administrative reform in 2018 Vietnam Customs: Continues to promote the application of information technology to facilitate trade
customs issues plan on administrative reform in 2018
Customs officers of Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department guide businesses to carry out Customs procedures. Photo: H.N

The plan focuses on 7 tasks: institutional reform; administrative reform; organizational structure reform; building and improving qualification of carder, civil servant and staff; public finance reform; modernization of administrative procedures; instruction and management on administrative reform.

In particular, the GDVC focuses on developing and improving Customs policies and law. Regularly reviewing the Customs sector legal system to consult and propose, to newly issue, amend, supplement, replace or abolish documents. Also, focusing on improving assigned draft documents.

The reform of administrative procedures must be implemented from the stage of developing policies and law to the stage of Customs law enforcement, in which, focusing on promoting IT application, using modern equipment to carry out Customs procedures quickly; regularly training and guiding specialized skills for Customs officers who directly perform Customs procedures.

Regarding the control of administrative procedure, promptly gathering Customs administrative procedures which have been not announced to report to the Ministry of Finance for decision on announcement in accordance with provisions. After the decision is issued, it shall be publicized on websites, and in headquarters and places for handling administrative procedures.

customs issues plan on administrative reform in 2018 Greater efforts to build a facilitating government

Cabinet members have been resolute in building a facilitating government this year and their efforts have resulted ...

The GDVC has requested its subordinate units to review positions, functions, duties, competence, organizational structures and workforce of units in the entire Customs sector to overcome the situation of overlapping or vacancy. Organizing and arranging Customs branches and Teams (units) under provincial and municipal Customs branches to ensure the streamlined and efficient organizational structure.

Promoting IT application in the process of work performance in each administrative agency, in State administrative agencies and in transactions with organizations and individuals.

In addition, deploying and implementing National Single Window, ASEAN Single Window; managing and operating VNACCS/VCIS system and IT application in Customs operation.

Especially, in order to implement the plan well for administrative reform, the GDVC has encouraged units in the entire sector to study, propose and deploy initiatives on administrative reform.

By Nguyen Hue/ Ngoc Loan