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Customs has blocked many Chinese counterfeit goods "Made in Vietnam"

07:41 | 08/11/2017

VCN – According to information IPR protection enforcement unit (Unit 4) – Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department – General Department of Vietnam Customs, regarding shipments counterfeited famous branding importing to Vietnam that was seized in the border gate, the unit is completing case dossier for handling. 

customs has prevented many chinese goods counterfeiting made in vietnam
Fake goods were seized by Customs authorities in Cat Lai port. Photo: Thu Hoa

Imitation famous brand

From June to August in 2017, through the inspection of many imported consignments under the type of transit from China to Cat Lai port-HCM city to Cambodia that has suspicious signs, Unit 4 coordinated with other competent forces to detect and seize many containers of goods such as clothes, shoes, mobile phones, watches ... faking up famous brands, originated from China, but it was written on the product as "Made in Vietnam".

Starting from 21/6/2016, the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department has cooperated with the Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch to inspect the shipment contained in a 40-foot container that was registered to open an independent transport declaration No. 500089082920 dated 16/6/2017 at the Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch by VIETRANS Co., Ltd (tax code No. 0303310272). This shipment was transported from Guangzhou - China to Vietnam via Cat Lai port - Ho Chi Minh City and then transported by road to Cambodia.

The inspection result showed that many counterfeit goods labeled famous brands have been registered border control and intellectual property protection in Vietnam including: over 21,000 clothes faking up Adidas, Nike, Puma; over 1,000 pairs of Converse shoes; hundreds of fashion bags, iPhone and Ipad accessories. Additionally, there were more than 4,000 packs of cigarettes labeled of Juangha - China. This item must be licensed for transit goods.

customs has prevented many chinese goods counterfeiting made in vietnam
Chinese goods were labeled as Vietnam brands. Photo: T.H

Then, on 29/6, while inspecting cargo shipment of Anh Khoa Support Services Transport Co., Ltd, Customs force discovered a lot of clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, handbags, phone accessories that labeled luxurious fashion brand such as: Adidas, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes... Based on our observations, although those counterfeit goods were transported from China to Vietnam, some products were labeled “Made in Vietnam”.

Until now, Customs authorities have conducted a physical inspection of 13 suspected cargo containers of 5 enterprises which were transported from Guangzhou (China) to Vietnam through Cat Lai port then transporting to Cambodia by land. As a result, they discovered 4 containers of clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, phones, watches, handbags faking up famous brands like: Adidas, Puma, Converse, Chanel, Hermes, Apple, Samsung, Giorgio Armani. Those trademarks have been registered for border control and intellectual property rights protection in Vietnam.

Based on the fact, by implementing direction of General Department of Vietnam Customs, on 27/9/2017, at the Xa Mat border gate - Tay Ninh, Unit 4 conducted key inspection for a 20 feet container of VIETRANS Co., Ltd that has opened an independent transport declaration at Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch to Xa Mat Border Gate and discovered many violations. According to the declaration, the goods included 456 boxes of printers and accessories originated from Hong Kong, brand new 100%. From physical inspection, there are scanners, multi-function printers of Canon, HP, EPSON originating in Vietnam, China, Korea, Philippines…

At Huu Nghi border gate - Lang Son, the Anti - Smuggling and Investigation Department coordinated with Huu Nghi Customs Branch - Lang Son Customs Department in order to inspect 17 containers. As a result, in two containers have many handbags branded Gucci, Coach, COGCI; fake Louis Vuitton bags; unmarked handbags and labels, inside enclosed a wallet with H-shaped on the zip which was suspected of infringing intellectual property rights of Hermes.

Chinese goods are labeled "Made in Viet Nam"

Not only counterfeit trademark, in recent times, HCM City Customs Department also detected many cases of imports goods originating in China but faking up the label of originating in Vietnam. Typically, the detection of nearly 10 imported containers from China but the products are labeled Vietnam goods.

customs has prevented many chinese goods counterfeiting made in vietnam
Enamelled tile of China but labeled as "made in Vietnam". Photo: T.Hòa

In 2016, the Saigon port area 1 Customs Branch detected shipment of ceramic tiles imported from China, but the products were labeled “made in Vietnam”. The above shipment was done import procedures by H.T. (HCMC) through Cat Lai port. According to the declaration of the company, imported items were unglazed tile, brand new 100%, originating in China with total value was over 290 million vnd. However, through the physical inspection, Customs authorities discovered on the packaging of the product expressing the word "made in Viet Nam".

By the end of 2016, the Saigon Port Area 3 Customs Branch also discovered 7 imported containers of enameled tile originating in China but the information on the products written as made in Vietnam. This shipment was imported by V.T.B Trading Transport Import Export Co., Ltd (HCMC), declared on the customs declaration is unglazed tiles. All of these tiles did not have trademark, brand new 100%, the packaging showed the origin of the product in Vietnam. The total value of violated goods was over 1.5 billion vnd, fraudulent tax for nearly 500 million vnd.

After the incident was discovered, V.T.B Trading Transport Import Export Co., Ltd sent a document to Saigon port area 3 Customs Branch for denying to receive goods with the given reason due to sending wrong goods by a partner. Moreover, this company did not cooperate and not send explanation document to Customs authority.

Currently, those cases have been transferred to Investigation Police agency by Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department for investigation in accordance with their competitors.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy