July 04, 2020 05:10

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Customs deploys solutions to support import and export enterprises

09:50 | 25/06/2020

VCN- The General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) recentlysigned Decision1616/ QD-TCHQ promulgating the action plan to promote administrative reforms and support businesses importing and exporting goods during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

customs deploys solutions to support import and export enterprises Dien Bien Customs in collaboration to seize 1.4kg heroin
customs deploys solutions to support import and export enterprises VCCI is the agency issuing ATA carnet 
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customs deploys solutions to support import and export enterprises
Customs sector has offered solutions to support enterprises hit by Covid-19 pandemic. Photo:N.L

Synchronously deploys trade facilitation solutions

The GDVC focused on implementing solutions that both facilitate trade and ensure the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The GDVC will create favourable conditions for businesses to carry out administrative procedures related to customs and actively implement solutions to remove difficulties and obstacles for organizations and individuals in the process of customs procedures based on ensuring publicity, transparency and objectivity and in accordance with the law.

It directs customs units to prohibit acts causing difficulties, troubles and harassment or having negative attitudes and requesting firmsto submit or present documents or pay fees and charges inconsistent with the law, leading to the delay in customs clearance and causing damage and increasing costs for enterprises. 

ImplementingCircular No. 47/2020/ TT-BTC dated May 27, 2020 of the Ministry of Finance regulating the deadlines for submission of certificate of origin, forms of submission of certificate of origin for import goods amid the pandemic check and review dossiers of imported shipments with declaration registered from January 23, 2020; if the certificates of origin submitted by businesses satisfy origin criteria to enjoy special preferential tax rates, customs will consider and handle these shipments per regulations.

The GDVC also requests customs departments in provinces sharing land borders with China, Laos and Cambodia to workwith competent agencies at border gates to maintain solutions to ensure both pandemic prevention and customs clearance of goods, preventing congestion of goods at the border gates.

In addition, the GDVC provides solutions to improve the implementation of information technology solutions to support customs declarants and taxpayers; connect and exchange information with ministries and branches in handling administrative procedures.

Specifically, promote exchange and cooperation in providing information between Customs with other agencies when handling administrative procedures under the National Single Window; apply digital signatures in issuing e-documents, enhance online public services 24/7; workwith ministries and sectors  in promoting the implementation of administrative procedures related to issuing the permits and conducting specialised inspection  for import-export goods via the National Single Window; connect  information to the National Single Window Portal  with Customs e-Data Processing System to ensure smooth customs clearance.

Upgrade software system anddatabase to ensure the quick and smooth and transmission and reception of data; strengthen coordination with the State Treasury, Tax authorities and commercial banks in the province to create favourable conditions and encourage businesses to implement e-tax payment and customs clearance 24/7; effectively deploy the Aviation National Single Window system and the Automated system for seaport customs management at international airports. 

Simplify method of submission of customs dossiers

The following solution conducted by the GDVC is to continue reviewing and completing legal framework, customs procedures for import-export goods, means of transport on exit, entry and in transit such as simplifying all customs dossiers and method of submission of customs dossiers through the abolition of regulations of submitting unnecessary documents and documents updated on portals of ministries and sectors or on the National Single Window Portal; limit submission of documents asoriginal paper documents; documents required to be submitted to Customs when carrying out import-export procedures only are submitted and presented for the first time.

In addition, reduce and simplify customs procedures; shorten time of customs clearance and release; review and cut fees, charges and taxes related to import and export goods.

For post clearance audit and specialised inspection, the GDVC suspends the inspection and assessment of compliance of customs declarant in 2020. For cases of specialisedinspection and post-clearance audit based on violation signs and inspection based on the application of risk management, the customs officer  must state signs of violations and risks and be approved by the unit’s leader. If the business proposes and appliesfor not being inspected due to its difficulties in production and business affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the unit's leader willconsider and decide upon each specific case.

At the same time, strengthen information collection and analysis to detect violations and risks; carefully prepare plans before conducting inspections to ensure post-clearance audits are conducted with quality and efficiency.

The GDVC has provided solutions to fully and effectively implement thecontents under its functions and tasks in bilateral and multilateral trade agreements between Vietnam and other countries andterritories, and do not affect the supply chain of goods, especially amid the world being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


In addition, the GDVC continues to promote the publicity of regimes, policies and legal documents to the business community.

For internal administrative activities, the GDVC encourages units to apply the online meeting form, reduce the types of reports, apply the paperless reports, and direct administration via online devices on the basis of ensuring security and safety.