November 19, 2019 09:15

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Customs continue strengthening the work against drug crime

09:12 | 26/05/2019

VCN - Facing many complicated developments in drug crimes, the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department is urgently developing a draft to submit to the leaders of the General Department of Vietnam Customs to continue issuing directives in the continuing fight against drug crime.

tin nhap 20190520124219
Plastic injection molding used to camouflage drug in the case of 500 kg of drug that has just been destroyed in HCMC.

At a meeting with all representatives of units' leaders, especially specialized units on anti-drug, Director of Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) Nguyen Phi Hung emphasized that recently, the specialized force on anti-drug of the Department and local customs units have made great efforts and achieved positive results in the work of fighting against drug crime.

Recent developments in drug crime, especially the transnational drug crime lines, are very complicated. Therefore, leaders of the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department requested competent forces in the Department to continue to uphold the sense of responsibility, aware of drastically implementing synchronous professional measures in order to effectively combat drug crimes.

Simultaneously, to continue to improve the capacity of the whole sector to combat this type of dangerous crime. Besides continuing to implement Directive 4550/CT-TCHQ dated August 2, 2018 of the General Director of Vietnam Customs, director of the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department assigned advisory units to urgently develop a draft to submit to the leaders of the General Department of Vietnam Customs in order to continue issuing new directives on drug crime in the future.

Deputy Director of the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department, Nguyen Van Lich, added that by taking advantage of preferential conditions, international drug bosses are seeking to establish businesses (in Vietnam) for transporting vehicles, equipment, materials, renting warehouses and yards that serve the illegal production and transportation of drugs from abroad into Vietnam and continue to transport to a third country for consumption.

"This is a big challenge for the customs force because they have to implement the policy of facilitating import and export activities while also controlling and combating smuggling effectively, including prevention of drugs. Therefore, the forces, especially the anti-drug forces and the local customs units, must particularly raise the sense of responsibility, perform the work of thorough investigation, scouting and coordinating with competent forces in order to promptly detect and prevent cases of illegal transportation of drugs cross-border ”- Deputy Director Nguyen Van Lich emphasized.

By Nguyễn Quốc/Thanh Thuy