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Customs broke the 2 largest illegal transportation cases of cocaine in Vietnam

15:28 | 08/08/2018

VCN- The information was stated by the Director General at the meeting on the assessment of working performance in July and deployment of the working performance in August of the General Department of Vietnam Customs on 6th August.

customs broke the 2 largest illegal transportation cases of cocaine in vietnam What does the leader of Pomina Steel say about 100 bars of cocaine in scrap containers?
customs broke the 2 largest illegal transportation cases of cocaine in vietnam Discovered 100 bars of cocaine in scrap containers at Cai Mep port
customs broke the 2 largest illegal transportation cases of cocaine in vietnam Hidden cocaine inside luggage, a female passenger is arrested at the airport
customs broke the 2 largest illegal transportation cases of cocaine in vietnam
119kg of cocaine was seized by the Customs force in July at Bia Ria Vung Tau. Photo: N.Hue

Effectively control the scrap imports

According to the Director General, currently, the drug transportation was very complicated and unregulated.

“Typically, the case of transportation of 119 kg cocaine that were sophisticatedly hidden in an imported scrap container, was detected by the Customs at Ba Ria Vung Tau. And the transportation case of 25 kg of synthetic drugs and 52 bars of heroine in luggage that was detected at Cau Treo Border Gate,” Mr. Can said.

Regarding the seizure of 119 kg of cocaine implemented by the Customs force at Ba Ria-Vung Tau, the Director General added that this was the largest seizure of cocaine in Vietnam.

"Especially, the two largest cocaine seizures were conducted by the Customs force," Mr. Can said.

Previously, in 2015 the Customs sector detected and seized the transportation of 43 kg of cocaine from South America to Vietnam.

Facing the complicated situation, the Director General requested the Customs sector’s specialized units and the core force as the Customs Enforcement forces to coordinate with competent forces to effectively prevent drug crime.

Regarding the other key tasks, the Director General Nguyen Van Can requested the entire Customs sector to continuously perform the revenue collection task well.

“Besides maintaining the rate of revenue collection, the Customs sector must make efforts not to arise new debt; effectively take measures to prevent tax losses, especially in value, quantity, tax rate or origin,” Mr. Can requested.

For the management of scrap imports, the Director General directed the Customs units to strictly and effectively implement Official Letter 4202/TCHQ-PC dated 17th July 2018 on the management for scrap to effectively prevent and control wastes, scraps imported into the inland.

At the same time, for enterprises having factories using imported scrap (such as scrap iron, steel and paper) verified by competent agencies for productions, scrap shipments of eligibility for imports must be quickly cleared to facilitate enterprises.

Revenue increased nearly by VND 1,000 billion thanks to revenue from automobiles and parts

Regarding the task of revenue collection, as per the report at the meeting, the Customs sector’s revenue reached VND 26,298 billion, increasing by 4.4% (equivalent to VND 1,132 billion) compared to June 2018.

According to the Import and Export Department under the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the reason for this increase in revenue was that the taxable import turnover in June increased by 9.9% compared to June.

Specifically, revenue from CBU cars increased by VND 516 billion, from machinery and equipment, tools and accessories by VND 420 billion, from automobiles and parts, VND 463 billion; VND 360 billion from crude oil, and from chemicals and chemical products by VND 260 billion.

Thus, in June, revenue from CBU cars and parts and automobiles parts increased by VND 979 billion compared to June.

However, revenue from petroleum product in June reduced VND 1,500 billion.

customs broke the 2 largest illegal transportation cases of cocaine in vietnam Request Pomina 2 Steel Company to come for working on the scrap shipment containing cocaine

VCN – Mr. Nguyen Van Danh, Manager of Cai Mep port Customs Branch said that, the Branch ...

As of the end of June, total Customs revenue reached VND 173,248 billion, equivalent to 61.2% of the estimate and 59.1% of the desired target, increasing by 3.88% compared to the same period in 2017 (VND 166,780 billion).

For tax debt recovery, according to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, over the past 7 months, local Customs departments actively recovered tax debts. Total amount of recovered and handled tax debt reached VND 934 billion.

Broke the first large transportation of cocaine

From 15th to 21st May 2015, the UPS-155 Specialized Board of the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department (under the GDVC) and departments including Ha Noi Customs Department and Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department coordinated with relevant competent agencies, detected and seized 43kg of cocaine which were illegally transported into Vietnam via sea and air.

The cocaine was transported from South American countries to Cat Lai (Ho Chi Minh City) via sea and to Hanoi via air.

It was expected that the cocaine would have been transported to other countries, but thanks to efficient intervention it was promptly detected and seized by Vietnam Customs.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan