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Coordination in Anti-smuggling

13:47 | 20/05/2019

VCN - The coordination between the new forces stopped, or a place to glorify "achievement" that limits the effectiveness of fighting against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeiting.

tin nhap 20190520104122 Director of the Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department talks about drug prevention and combat of Customs
tin nhap 20190520104122 Tay Ninh Customs to implement the coordination well to improve the efficiency of anti-smuggling
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tin nhap 20190520104122
The coordination work has a place or places where have not really acted yet. In the photo: Police and Market Management forces coordinated to check an illegal transport of goods in Lang Son border area. Photo: Quang Hung.

The situation also happens "The worm makes the soup decayed"

The Prime Minister signed the issuance of Decision No. 19/2016 / QD-TTg dated May 6, 2016 and the Head of the Steering Committee 389 signed the Decision No. 361/2017 / QD-BCD dated June 1, 2017 stipulates the coordination of anti-smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeiting, thereby enhancing the combined power of relevant forces and struggling political systems in this activity.

According to the Deputy Director of the Police Department investigating crimes of corruption, economic smuggling (C03, Ministry of Public Security) Tran Viet Phuong, the work of coordinating the fight against smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeit goods also follow the case. For example, on April 14, in Quang Ngai, C03 forces collaborated with the Quang Ngai Border Guard; the Coast Guard discovered two vessels carrying petroleum without valid papers, worth over VND 40 billion. Currently, the police force has decided to prosecute 7 subjects. Looking at this incident, the coordination between forces only stopped at the case. Recently, C03 force has deployed many professional measures to investigate and verify the case. By the time of deploying the capture force, if there were not the coordination of forces, C03 would be difficult to complete the task.

“If Basic professional work is not focused on, it will be very difficult to capture the objects. However, the trust among the forces in the industry has not developed well, so there is still the situation of misunderstanding or suspecting each other,” said Tran Viet Phuong

Also according to Deputy Director Tran Viet Phuong, the police force had difficulties in coordinating the transfer of documents and exhibits to handle the case. For example, seizing ships that illegally transport petrol, C03 forces have difficulty storing material evidence. Therefore, C03 forces are forced to coordinate with the Coast Guard and Border Guard forces to keep the status quo.

Deputy Commander of Border Guard Bui Duc Hanh said that Border Guard, Coast Guard, Customs, Police and Market Management forces closely coordinated, especially at the government level. However, at the local level, there are some places that have not really coordinated due to legal documents or self-interest of achievement.

According to Bui Duc Hanh, the Border Guard Command has advised the Ministry of Defense leaders, reporting to the Office of the Government and the Ministry of Finance, explaining the contents of opinions on overlapping implementation, duties between Customs and Border Guard forces. In the process of further developing the Border Guard Law, it will overcome overlaps in the implementation of tasks between the two forces at the border gate. In the immediate future, it is proposed that the Anti-Smuggling Investigation Department (General Department of Customs), Department of Crime and Drug Prevention, Department of Border Protection (Border Guard Command) need a meeting to agree on the overlapped contents to find solutions to the problem. In particular, the contents are presided over by the Customs or Border Guard forces, thereby developing a process to create conditions at grassroots level to perform the task of fighting smuggling, trade fraud and fake goods. .

Ensure confidentiality in coordination

Talking to reporters, Chief of the Standing Office of the National Steering Committee 389, Dam Thanh The, said that the results of coordination have achieved initial results, but in the process of implementing each case, there are positions not meeting the requirements. Because each force has its own functions, tasks and specialties, the coordination has an inconsistent result. Therefore, there should be effective coordination regulations on how to determine when to attack, fight, capture and handle based on the secrecy principle in each case. Information sharing plays an important role, but the question is when the information is shared. Therefore, related forces need to be proactive to ensure confidentiality and efficiency. On the other hand, there are cases that need to be shared from the beginning.

Mr. Dam Thanh The added that the related forces need to build a mechanism to determine when the necessary information needs coordinating, and the force meets the work requirements.

tin nhap 20190520104122 Customs on the front Line of drug prevention and combat: Part 3: The investigation case name E318 - Dismissing the act of transporting drugs from Euro

The Standing Office is collecting and evaluating the process of implementing Decision 19, Decision 361, thereby stating the positives, shortcomings, difficulties and obstacles and proposing solutions.

According to the Standing Office of the Steering Committee 389 countries, from July 2016 (the time of implementing Decision No. 19/2016 / QD-TTg dated May 6, 2016 on coordination between state management agencies in the struggle against smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeiting) until February 2019, the national related force coordinated to detect and handle 334,712 cases.

The related forces have handled 12,320 cases, prosecuted criminally 1,983 cases with 2,647 subjects; budget remittance of VND 2,333.6 billion.

By Quang Hung/Bui Diep