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Container of Chinese phone accessories with fraudulent Vietnam origin discovered

09:58 | 04/08/2019

VCN – Thousands of phone accessories such as portable charger, earphone, cables of cellphones in a container were imported from China. However, it was labelled with a Vietnamese origin on the product packaging.

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Goods were from China but it presented Vietnam origin even it was labelled Vietnam flag on products packaging. Photo: T.Bình

The case was investigated by Hai Phong port area III Customs Branch (Hai Phong Customs Department). On July 29, at the scene in VIP GREEN port (Hai Phong), Customs News reporter witnessed a series of phone accessories which originated from China with forged Vietnam origin detected.

The accessories were imported by Hoang Bao Phat IMEX Company Limited (located at Tam Thanh Ward, Lang Son City). This company has been authorised to import by an enterprise in Hanoi.

When implementing import procedures, Hoang Bao Phat IMEX company presented to Customs authorities C/O form E (China origin).

Although goods were imported from China and had China C/O, when examining the containers, the Customs forces discover thousands of phone accessories labelling on the product packing as “TITAN” – a domestic company with full name as VN TITAN., JSC. This information included the company name, adress and service centers.

Notably, lots of products also had “Made in Vietnam” and a barcode of Vietnam (heading of barcode was 893). The value of the above container was a billion VND.

When carrying out the procedures, the enterprise presented C/O form E of China, so the shipment was entitled to preferential import tax rate of 0 percent. On the other hand, products packaging were represented Vietnamese origin, so in this case, this enterprise not only sold all the goods but also would be refunded the Value Added Tax of 10 percent.

Therefore, if customs authorities did not timely detect and prevent, this shipment would have occupied hundreds of millions of tax money of the State.

Talking more with reporters, the Manager of Hai Phong port area III Customs Branch Tran Manh Hung said that by implementing plans and directives of the General Department of Vietnam Customs and Hai Phong Customs Department on strengthening control of foreign goods counterfeiting and fordging Vietnamese origin, the unit has strengthened professional measures to collect and analyse information to promptly detect and prevent infringing shipments.

“With the above violation shipment, through suspicious signs, the Customs Branch conducted physical inspection and detected a large number of infringing goods. Specifically, the shipment originated from foreign, using foreign C/O to enjoy preferential tariff but in fact, the information that presented on products packaging was a domestic company, showed Vietnamese origin and the entire guidance was written in Vietnamese. This was a sign of deceiving consumers,”- Hung added.

According to Hung, to prevent acts of fraudulent origin of Vietnam, besides the control at the border gate, it was necessary to coordinate between competent forces, especially in the circulation in the domestic market.

Leaders of Hai Phong port area III Customs Branch said the case had many complicated signs so the unit is continuing to verify and clarify.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy