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Companies bear more burdens due to increase in fees from many shipping companies

17:51 | 22/04/2018

VCN - As reflected by the seafood companies, recently, many shipping lines have increased fees for no reason, raising more costs and burdens for enterprises.

companies bear more burdens due to increase in fee from many shipping companies Propose to reduce a series of fees and charges
companies bear more burdens due to increase in fee from many shipping companies “Hot” problems related to charge of seaport infrastructure in Hai Phong
companies bear more burdens due to increase in fee from many shipping companies

Increase in costs raises the prices of import-export goods. Photo: T.H

With an export turnover of US$ 7 - 8 billion / year and an average growth rate of 7 - 15% / year, the fisheries industry not only creates jobs for nearly 5 million ordinary workers, but also contributes to ensuring national security and livelihoods.

The seafood processing industry has grown fast but has been facing many difficulties and challenges. One of which is high cost of logistics in the import and export activities, putting a heavy burden on enterprises, reducing competitiveness and impeding the development of enterprises.

According to Truong Dinh Hoe, Secretary General of the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), recently many seafood enterprises have reflected on the increase in fees for no reason by many shipping companies, raising costs for enterprises. In recent years, many shipping companies have increased their fees much more than before. For example, the Mearsk / MCC Line is the largest shipping company in Vietnam. In the recent five years, it has increased fees significantly.

Specifically, the THC in 2013 of this shipping line was VND 4 million per container. By 2018 this charge has increased to VND 5.2 million per container. The DO charge in 2013 was VND 550,000, this charge now is VND 730,000; Container cleaning fee was VND 490,000 per container in 2013, and now is VND 680,000 VND per container.

In addition to increasing fees, shipping companies also offer new fees. Typically, from 2016, the Mearsk / MCC Line have collected CIC at US$ 60 per container.

At present, ZIM and MSC shipping companies collect the barge charge from August 2017 (charge for transport of containers by barges from ICDs and ports in Ho Chi Minh City to Cai Mep port to load containers on ships for international transport) with high and unreasonable rates.

For example, these lines collect VND820,000 / 20'DV; VND800 / 40'DC (dry container); VND2,000,000 / 45'HC (high container); VND1,100,000 / 20'RF (reefers); VND2,200,000 / 40'RF

The fees of different companies are different. For the same fee, shipping companies and shipping agents charge different rates. For example, the Terminal handling charge (THC) for a 20’ container (THC) normally costs just US$ 90, but many companies charge a higher rate of US$ 102, US$ 105, US$ 110, or even US$ 120. The Bill fee, D / O fee is VND 750,000 / bill or VND 850,000 /bill.

In addition to raising fees, some shipping companies surcharge some extra unreasonable fees, such as fee of Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of VND 300,000 - 550,000 for a shipment; Data transmission fee of VND 750,000 - 850,000 / shipment.

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Therefore, seafood companies are proposing that the Ministry of Transport and relevant authorities need to be more intensive in clarifying shipping charges that shipping companies add, to collect unreasonably and to monitor charges of shipping companies to adjust their charges to the appropriate rates. This has contributed to reducing the costs of logistics services and supporting companies in production and business.

By Le Thu/ Huyen Trang