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Clarification 32 unknown cosmetic packages at Noi Bai International Airport

09:53 | 01/03/2017

VCN - 32 packages, with a total weight of nearly 1 ton, unclaimed at Noi Bai International airport have been inspected by Customs forces in coordination with the functional forces. Through screening images, inside the above packages are all kinds of cosmetic.

clarification 32 unknown cosmetic packages at noi bai international airport
Passengers on entry and exit at Noi Bai International Airport. Photo: N.Linh

Specifically, at 3:30 PM, on 17th February 2017, the Entry Luggage Customs Procedure Team - Noi Bai international airport Customs Branch conducted inspection in collaboration with the Department of Crime Prevention of Smuggling (C74) and the representative of searching lost luggage team - Viags Noi Bai, for the flight VN417 of Vietnam Airlines from Korea to Vietnam, via Noi Bai International airport which landed at 1:25PM on the same day.

At the time of inspection, function forces discovered 32 pieces of unknown luggage and has been confirmed that those packages are registered luggage which was abandoned, unclaimed according to the search lost luggage team - Viags Noi Bai.

In the 32 unclaimed packages, 5 passengers are named on 31 pieces of baggage (Moonwoesoon: 6 packages; Mac / AnhTuan: 10 packages; Luu / ThiThu: 9 packages; Nguyen / AnhTung : 5 packages; Kim / Yes: 1 package); 1 package did not have tag numbers, or names of passengers. Through checking cargo weight, the 32 pieces of luggage have a total weight of 933.6 kg. All 32 packages are packed in cartons, marked in red.

Through screening images (not opening for physical inspection), the functional forces coordinated to preliminary assess all packages and detected all are cosmetics. All the above packages had been sealed and transfered to searching lost luggage – Viags Noi Bai for holding to custody and serve for further investigation in accordance to law.

Refer to Customs Procedures for luggage of people on exit, entry and exit of goods by the entry carried in luggage; Customs surveillance at international airports, issued together with Decision No. 3280/QD-GDC dated 30.09.2016 of the General Director of the General Department of Customs, the provisions on the handling of abandoned luggage, lost , mistakenly as follows: "... for luggage containing prohibited goods imported, exported or to be licensed by the specialized agencies or exceed standard norms; require airlines or legal representatives of the private storage of baggage and notify the owner within 30 days from the date the luggage arrive to the border gate then pass to Customs Branch of international airports in order to do Customs procedure for the above luggage.

In the case of failure to identify the recipient of abandoned luggage, lost, confused, proceed in handling similar cargo handling abandoned, lost, confused, expired declarer that no person concerned to receive the provisions of the Ministry of Finance. "

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy