June 05, 2020 16:36

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China tightens control at road and waterway border gates

15:44 | 07/04/2020

VCN - The Consulate General of Vietnam in Nanning, China has just sent a telegram to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the People's Committees of Lang Son, Cao Bang, Quang Ninh and Ha Giang provinces to notify that the Chinese side strengthened the management of the pandemic at road and waterway border gates.

According to the Consulate General of Vietnam in Nanning, China, on the evening of April 3, 2020, the Steering Committee on Covid-19 prevention of Guangxi issued a notification on strengthening the management of the pandemic at road and waterway border gates.

Accordingly, the content of the notice from China has 10 measures.

china tightens control at road and waterway border gates
Mong Cai Customs force is on duty to inspect and control passengers on exit and exit.

Specifically, the Chinese side will strictly implement "10 measures" to prevent the pandemic from abroad at border hamlets, villages and communes, enhancing comprehensive inspection of people on entry, and strictly control people entering and leaving the border area.

Temporarily suspending passenger transportation across international border routes by road and waterway; suspending border travel.

Strictly managing border gates and trails. Besides Youyiguan border gate (Pingxiang) and Dongxing border gate (Dongxing); other (open road) border gates include Pingxiang railway gate, Shuikou border gate (Longzhou district), Aidian border gate (Ningming district), Dongzong gate (Fangcheng area), Pochai open road and Nonghuai open road (Pingxiang), temporary pontoon bridge km3+4 (Dongxing), Na Ray opening (Jingxi), China will only maintain the function of cargo clearance of goods; temporarily close border gates, the other open roads. At land border gates, it is forbidden to travel for people of third countries.

The Chinese side has also implemented strict pandemic prevention for goods exchange activities of border residents, promoting the use of "Guangxi health QR code"; scanning QR codes, measuring body temperatures, wearing masks when going in and out of (points) of border markets.

Strengthen management of freight vehicles and vehicle operators cross-border. For import-export goods vehicles, conducting strict disinfection in accordance with the relevant process; registration is required for all vehicle operators of freight across the border, for fixed point and route transport. Cargo trucks of Vietnam should load goods at the designated cargo yards at the border gates, in principle, they need to load cargo at the border cargo yards. Vietnamese vehicle operators are limited to operating at the loading and departure areas during the day.

Chinese cargo trucks are driven by local drivers at the border gate in charge of transportation, extra drivers in charge of transporting at fixed routes need to wear masks and medical gloves.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy