July 10, 2020 05:49

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China strengthens control, backlogged goods at Lang Son Border Gate increases

13:47 | 26/03/2020

VCN- Facing the complex development of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chinese side is strengthening control of goods, vehicles and people crossing border gates, leading to an increase in Vietnam’s backlogged goods at border gates in Lang Son province.

china strengthens control backlogged goods at lang son border gate increases
Import and export goods at Huu Nghi Border Gate (Lang Son). Photo: M.H

According to Lang Son Customs Department, from February 1 to the end of March 23, border-gate customs units processed import-export procedures for 26,318 goods vehicles. Of which, carrying out export procedures for 13,320 Vietnamese goods vehicles to China that are mainly agricultural products; carrying out export procedures for 12,998 China’s goods vehicles that are mainly electronic components, machinery and other equipment.

Despite the pandemic, the great efforts in customs clearance of competent authorities in Lang Son province are remarkable. However, the number of export goods at border gates is still large, especially at Tan Thanh Border Gate and Huu Nghi Border Gate up to 1,431 vehicles. 

Specifically, 959 goods vehicles were backlogged at Tan Thanh Border Gate, 283 goods vehicles at Huu Nghi Border Gate; 88 goods vehicles at Chi Ma Border Gate; 73 vehicles at Binh Nghi Border Gate, 25 vehicles at Coc Nam Border Gate and three boxcars at Dong Dang International Railway Station.

Talking to Customs News, a representative of Lang Son Customs Department said that the main reason for the limitation of goods clearance capacity is China is taking disease control measures to prevent infection from import and export activities, vehicles and people crossing border gates. In addition, the reason for slow customs clearance is that the Chinese side lacks labour force, especially workers loading and unloading goods at the border gate area.

To handle this problem, on March 20, Nguyen Cong Truong, Vice Chairman of Lang Son Provincial People's Committee discussed with Duong Tan Bach, Vice Chairman of the People's Government of Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi province (China) on solutions to improve customs clearance capacity for import-export goods between the two sides.

They discussed and proposed some solutions to remove difficulties and facilitate import-export activities such as arranging human resources to load and unload goods, meeting conditions on yards and vehicles, extending the customs clearance time, temporarily operating some more routes at border gates and border market pairs and expanding the list of Vietnam’s export goods such as fruit and seafood through border gate pairs of Chi Ma - Ai Diem and Coc Nam - Lung Nghiu.

Competent agencies of the two sides continue to coordinate in inspecting, controlling and classifying to prevent Covid -19 at border areas, border market pairs; implement solutions to maintain import-export activities to ensure strict inspection and control on medical quarantine; temporarily reopen import and export route at km 0 (landmark 1116 - 1117) of Huu Nghi - Huu Nghi Quan international border gate to improve the clearance capacity.

The two sides will prepare conditions on wharves to meet the requirements of containing vehicles carrying import export goods; extend customs clearance time for border gates; and strive to increase capacity of customs clearance at Huu Nghi - Huu Nghi Quan and Tan Thanh - Po Chai border gates by 20% of the number of vehicles carrying import and export goods daily.

The Guangxi side will direct the People's Government of Thi Bang Tuong to consider conditions to meet sufficient on-site human resources for handling of import and export goods. Regarding sending Vietnamese labourers to load and unload goods at China’s border gates, the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region will continue to request competent authorities to consider and decide.

According to the representative of Lang Son Customs Department, to improve capacity of goods clearance at border gates and prevent a backlog of goods causing damage to enterprises, especially goods at Tan Thanh Border Gate, the department directed border gate customs branches to arrange officers to carry out customs procedures and instruct enterprises, even outside working time. In addition, the department proposed competent authorities in the province reform the process of goods in and out of the border gates and yards to reduce unnecessary costs for enterprises.

At Tan Thanh Border Gate, competent forces are instructing the labour force involved in loading and unloading goods to be quarantined on spot or going home within the same day, ensuring regulations on pandemic prevention and control.

At Huu Nghi International Border Gate, the Vietnamese side has also added human resources and equipment to meet conditions of inspection, control and prevention of pandemic, and promptly handle backlog goods between the two sides.