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Central Vietnam is 'hot' with drug smuggling

10:33 | 31/03/2018

VCN- In the first 3 months of 2018, the drug prevention and fighting forces in Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh and Quang Tri provinces organized the arrest of 21 cases of illegal transportation of narcotics, including 133,779 pieces of synthetic drugs; 32.6 kg of rock; 48 cakes of heroin and 50 kg of opium.

central vietnam is hot with drug smuggling Siezed many cases of drug smuggling airline– Part 1: Drugs are transported by express
central vietnam is hot with drug smuggling 2 arrested in separate drug smuggling attempts
central vietnam is hot with drug smuggling Chinese Customs Seizes 15.6 Tons of Illegal Drugs in Two Years
central vietnam is hot with drug smuggling
The forces in Ha Tinh province jointly detained 15 kg of drugs. Photo: Ha Tinh Customs.

Evaluation reports from competent forces indicate that organizations, sales, transportation of heroin, narcotics and marijuana in Northern Lao provinces are highly active. The perpetrators often organize drug transportation and collection in the opposite border areas (concentrated in Phong Xa Lu, Luang Prabang, Hua Phan, Kham Cham, Kham Muon, Sa Van Na Khet- Laos), then strengthen links from Vietnam to their border. In particular, heroin and marijuana are consumed domestically and mostly transported to third countries (80% to China), partly transported to Cambodia.

Speaking to the Customs Newspaper’s reporter, a representative of Ha Tinh Customs Department said that the central region was considered as one of the key areas for drug smuggling. In particular, some groups (including foreigners) carried weapons for drug trafficking in the border area. Accordingly, modes and tricks of operation were sophisticated. There were also many illegal drug trafficking and trafficking networks from Laos and Vietnam, some of which had strong links between criminal and drug traffickers.

According to representatives of Border Guards, in the first 3 months of 2018, the activities of drug crimes were still complicated on all three border lines, of which the most complicated borderline was still the central border.

Facing the above situation, drug prevention forces of the provinces in the central Vietnam have implemented synchronously and drastically many solutions for drug prevention, which initially recorded remarkable results.

The most recent example is on 18 March 2018, at km 65 of Highway 8A, in Ha Trai village, Son Kim 1 commune, Huong Son district (Ha Tinh province), Ha Tinh border guard and Drug control Ha Tinh Customs) were in collaboration with the Team 5 of Department of Investigation and Anti-smuggling (General Department of Vietnam Customs); Ha Tinh police, Huong Son district police; Special Task Force on Drug Crimes (Part 2) - The Coast Guard to successfully implement the 479L Project, and seized 15 kg of narcotics from Laos to Vietnam.

Only one day later (19 March 2018), Quang Tri Border Guards collaborated with the Central Drug and Crime Task Force of the Bureau for Drug Prevention and Crime of Border Guards; La Lay International Frontier Border; Sa La Van Security Service (Laos) to successfully implement 691LV, detained 5 Lao people, seized 50,600 pieces of synthetic drugs, 1 kg of synthetic drugs in stone form.

In the last days of February, Nghe An Customs Department has cooperated with Nam Can Border Guard Station to arrest a perpetrator who was holding 3 cakes of heroin. Previously, on 31 January 2018, police department investigating drug crime (PC47 - Police of Nghe An province) successfully implemented Project 218S and seized 20 cakes of heroin, and 5 kg of stone drugs.

According to the representative of Ha Tinh Customs Department, in the coming period, the unit will continue to implement measures to prevent and combat drug crimes in the area.

According to representatives of the Customs, Border Guard, Police, Coast Guard of the Central provinces, the forces should coordinate to implement professional activities of drug prevention and crime, to closely coordinate with such measures as armed patrol and administrative control, actively set up specialists in the fight against crime in the border areas. In addition, the forces should focus on the research, synthesis and detection of new phenomena in the operation of various kinds of crimes so as to take initiatives in proposing policies and measures to prevent and fight effectively.

In particular, the forces should actively coordinate and cooperate in the fight against crime, closely cooperate with the competent forces of neighboring countries in crime prevention and control, especially with Laos, to carry out professional activities.

central vietnam is hot with drug smuggling Siezed many cases of drug smuggling airline – Part 2: gifts are… drugs

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According to the report of the Bureau of Narcotics and Crime Prevention and Control, in the first 3 months of 2018, the Border Guard units were independent and coordinated with other competent forces to arrest and handle 244 cases with 357 perpetrators involved in the purchase and sale of drugs. The confiscated materials included 229.47 kg of all kinds of drugs, 1 grenade, 8 guns and many other related materials.

By Dao Le/ Hoang Anh