August 15, 2018 11:48

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Cars usage norm of overseas Vietnam representations

10:14 | 05/02/2018

VCN – The Government issued Decree No.166/2018/NĐ-CP on stipulating standards, norms and management regimes for public property usage of overseas Vietnam representations. 

cars usage norm of overseas vietnam representations
Each representative office can buy 1 car with the maximum price is up to $US 45,000/car. Source: Internet

In particular, the Decree regulates on standards and cars usage norms for representations.

Specifically, in terms of standards for the usage norms of cars used by ambassadors and other equivalent titles, representatives, and heads of Vietnamese delegations at international organizations, they are to regularly use one car for work with a maximum price of $US 65,000/car. Consul Generals and equivalent titles are to use one car regularly with a maximum price of $US 60,000/car.

Basing on the price level and requirements for diplomatic activities in each country and territory, price levels prescribed above. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs decides types, brands and appropriate prices of vehicles in order to serve for the above mentioned titles.

Regarding car standards and norms for general work, the titles of representative missions depends on the specific conditions and nature of their jobs. They will have an arranged vehicle for work purposes in accordance with the provisions of Head of the mission.

On the basis of the number of personnel (excluding the titles already equipped with the above-mentioned vehicles), the Minister of Foreign Affairs shall decide on the provision of automobiles in service for the general work of the representation missions according to the following norms. If the number of staff is from 1-3 people, the maximum number is 1. With a number of staff from 4-6 people, the maximum number of vehicles is 2. For the number of staff from 7 to 12 people, the maximum number of vehicles is 3. The number of staff from 13 to 19 people, the maximum number of vehicles is 4. The number of staff from 20-30 people, the maximum number of vehicles is 6.

By Hương Dịu/Thanh Thuy