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Binh Duong Customs is equipped more mobile container scanner

10:21 | 05/12/2018

VCN – General Department of Vietnam Customs coordinated with the units to the organized ceremony of handing over mobile container scanner to Binh Duong Customs Department for management and using within 10 years. It also increased the total number of mobile container scanners equipping in Binh Duong Customs up to 2 scanners.

binh duong customs is equipped more mobile container scanner
A new and modern container scanner is equipped for Binh Duong Customs Department. Photo: T.D

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Mr. Phan Van Viet, Director of Finance and Logistics Department, General Department of Vietnam Customs, said that the equipment and effective use of container scanners was the most important solution to facilitate the business community in the quick clearance of import-export goods. At the same time, to improve the efficiency of state management of customs.

Besides one mobile container scanner which already equipped for Binh Duong Customs Department, this time, 4 mobile scanners have been equipped for Hai Phong Customs Department, Lang Son Customs Department and Hanoi Customs Department. Currently, the whole customs sector has 15 container scanners including 3 fixed scanners, 2 container scanning portals and 10 mobile scanners.

binh duong customs is equipped more mobile container scanner
Foreign experts in the supply unit guided Customs officials of Binh Duong Customs to test new scanners.

Director of Binh Duong Customs Department Nguyen Phuoc Viet Dung said that the new mobile container scanners would be located at Tan Cang Song Than ICD cargo inspection yard under the management of Song Than Customs Branch. Along with container scanners being operated at Customs Branch managing import-export cargo outside industrial park from 15/3/2013, this new container scanner would be put into operation in order to ensure 100% of export-import cargo containers which are gone through Binh Duong Customs will be screened; Ensured the efficiency of fast clearance, reduced time, costs and ensured the goods safety of the business.

According to Customs Branch managing import-export cargo outside the industrial park, as of 16/11, the container scanners system at the Customs Clearance Area of the Customs Branch has scanned for 3,624 containers under 2,792 declarations of the business.

The average time for screening is 3-5 minutes per container, including the time of entering data to the system, the clearance procedure at the stage of physical inspection is about 10-15 minutes per declaration. The application of goods inspection through the scanner has brought many practical benefits for import and export activities, especially for enterprises with a large volume of import-export goods.

Besides that, through the screening, violations of enterprises would also be detected in the process of implementing customs declaration timely. As a result, from the beginning of the year to 16/11/2018, through the screening and conducting a physical inspection, the unit has discovered 43 cases of administrative violations in the process of implementing customs procedures. Binh Duong Customs Department handled with the total amount of fine was over 219 million VND, the total amount of tax arrears collected was over 763 million VND. In particular, the violations were mainly due to incorrect declaration of the name of goods and codes led to a shortage of tax payable, imported goods without a license...

By Thu Dịu/Thanh Thuy