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Binh Duong Customs expands Customs – Business partnership

19:34 | 17/12/2018

VCN - In order to continue the cooperation and the development of the Customs - Business partnership, Binh Duong Customs Department has recently signed a cooperation agreement between Customs and some enterprises engaging in export-import activities in the area.

binh duong customs expands customs business partnership Binh Duong Customs is equipped more mobile container scanner
binh duong customs expands customs business partnership Binh Duong Customs: Making efforts to achieve the target
binh duong customs expands customs business partnership Binh Duong Customs: Japanese enterprises’ leaders pay attention to Customs procedures
binh duong customs expands customs business partnership
Binh Duong Customs officers are guiding enterprises in the implementation of VASSCM. Photo: T.D.

Link Customs with the business community

Deputy Director of Binh Duong Customs Department Nguyen Truong Giang said that the signing of this cooperation agreement is an important step in the implementation of the policy of the General Department of Customs on the development of Customs-Business partnership that the Customs is implementing. Customs is actively implementing and moving forward. This agreement will create an important information channel and establish a coordination mechanism between the executive agency and the business. Through cooperation agreements, the parties aim to promote and facilitate trade activities as well as make import and export activities of enterprises equal and healthy. Besides, guiding and assisting enterprises to comply with law and limiting and preventing violations of Customs law. At the same time, promoting enterprises to study Customs procedures to propose suggestions so that Customs agencies promptly grasp the need of enterprises to introduce solutions to improve Customs operations, to transparentize and improve the quality of handling of administrative procedures in Customs.

This agreement is a new step to expand the cooperation and cohesion in order to facilitate, help business stability and confidence in investing and expanding production and business development, based on the achievements of Binh Duong Customs over many past years. From 2013 up to now, Binh Duong Customs Department has cooperated with business associations, branches of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan (China) and held many bilingual dialogue meetings with South Korea and Japan.

In particular, to meet the needs of enterprises, in the past two years, Binh Duong Customs Department renewed the dialogue. Accordingly, the unit successfully organized 3 to 4 dialogue meetings in combination with training for Japanese business leaders, thereby propagating law and policies, listening to opinions and solving problems, answering questions and warning wrongdoings. Thereby, helping Japanese managers to catch up on the legal regulations to manage and run their enterprises in accordance with law. This dialogue method has been supported and appreciated by the Japanese business community on its quality and efficiency

In parallel with the dialogue, Binh Duong Customs Department was also interested in regularly providing information and supporting businesses through many other channels such as direct contact, written, telephone, email, website, online consultancy team, etc,. In general, the business dialogue and support of Binh Duong Customs Department over the past was recognized and highly appreciated for its innovation and efficiency.

Park Jin Ku, chairman of the Korean Business Association in Binh Duong, said that the South Korean business community in Binh Duong has been most satisfied with the close attention and timely settlement for their difficulties and obstacles in the Customs clearance. In addition, South Korean enterprises have also been very satisfied with the quality of the Customs business dialogues annually held by Binh Duong Customs Department, thereby helping the business promptly grasp the new policies and procedures, and satisfactorily solving difficulties in the Customs clearance. Recently, the Branch has also received the Customs Handbook compiled by Binh Duong Customs Department, which is translated into Korean language, publicizing and clarifying the customs procedures and further facilitating the Customs clearance of enterprises.

Further facilitating enterprises

In addition to facilitating enterprises through the above activities, Binh Duong Customs Department has gained many achievements in the Customs administrative reform and Customs modernization to facilitate the import and export activities as well as to ensure the management. Typically, from August 2018, Binh Duong Customs Department has actively cooperated with the warehouse, yard and port operators to run the automated system for seaport customs management (VASSCM) in the area. To date, VASSCM has been officially deployed at 6 locations which are; Binh Duong General Port, ICD-TBS Tan Van, ICD Tan Cang Song Than, CFS Areco Warehouse, Kerry, and Nam Lien. It is expected that by December 24, 2018, Binh Duong Customs Department continues to deploy the system for 20 bonded warehouses. Accordingly 100% of warehouses, ports and yards are connected with VASSCM.

Binh Duong Customs Department continues to maintain and improve the efficiency of using container scanners to inspect goods to reduce the physical inspection time. At the end of November, 2018, Binh Duong Customs also received another container scanner. This new scanner will be placed at Tan Cang- Song Than ICD cargo inspection yard under the management of Song Than Customs Branch. Together with container scanners being operated at Customs Branch managing cargo outside Industrial Park from March 15, 2013, this new container scanner has been put into operation to ensure that 100% of containerized export-import goods at Binh Duong Customs are scanned. Thereby, ensuring the efficiency of quick customs clearance, reducing time, costs and ensuring the safety of goods. The average scanning time is 3-5 minutes per container. If including the time to enter the machine into system, the physical inspection time via the scanner is about 10-15 minutes per declaration. The inspection of goods through the scanner has brought many practical benefits for import and export activities, especially for enterprises with large quantities of import and export goods.

By the practical work, Binh Duong Customs has been entrusted by many businesses. Furthermore, the import and export activities in Binh Duong has increased markedly. At present, the number of enterprises carrying out Customs procedures in Binh Duong has continuously increased to more than 5,774 enterprises, up 6.32% over the same period of 2017. The number of declarations increased 1.3 million, up 13.75%; the import and export turnover reached US$ 39,038 billion, up 10.84%, over the same period last year. Major imports and exports were machinery, electronic components, garment accessories, chemicals, wood products, garments, steel and electronic products.

binh duong customs expands customs business partnership Binh Duong Customs: innovation in business support

VCN - In order to develop the Customs – Business relationship, improve the quality of legal advocacy and ...

This also contributes to positive results in the budget collection of the unit. As of December 11, 2017, Binh Duong Customs Department collected over 14,020 trillion VND, accounting for 108.69 % of the target assigned by the Ministry of Finance (12,900 trillion VND), reaching 101.59 % of the desired target of 13,800 trillion VND.

By Thu Diu/ Huyen Trang