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Binh Duong Customs Department: Promoting the efficiency of experts

10:01 | 09/04/2018

VCN- Expert team of the Binh Duong Customs Department was established in April 2013 with 43 members, equal to 6 groups. Throughout the period of development and selection, to date, 58 members of staff are highly qualified (31% masters, 69% bachelors), professional, experienced and enthusiastic.

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HS training on 2018 tariffs for civil servants and staff. Photo: Phi Vu.

Based on the field of expertise, experts are assigned to 7 different areas of expertise, including Customs valuation; HS; C / O; tax accounting; risk management; intellectual Property; norms, settlement of processed goods for export production.

According to the guidelines of the leaders of the Binh Duong Customs Department, the team of experts has the duty to participate in research and development of the content of the program; to compile training materials, curriculums on training, fostering and teaching in line with professional fields. After 5 years of operation, the team of experts has gradually promoted their roles, functions and tasks.

In fact, the most prominent task is the self-training. Teams of experts have played an important role in improving the quality and human resources of the unit, through the organization of many training courses, professional knowledge training for civil servants. In 2017, the Group organized 6 training courses for 129 staff, covering topics such as information analysis, risk management, Customs valuation, and the list of imports and exports.

Every year, teams of experts always take the initiatives in developing training plans for civil servants and enterprises in various subjects ranging from basic to advanced knowledge. According to the plan set up in 2018, the group is expected to speed up the training to 20 classes for 391 civil servants, in various fields such as commodity classification, new free trade agreements, the Law on Foreign Trade Administration, and the Commercial Law of Origin.

The advantage of self-training is that specialists working in the unit who are skilled and experienced should understand clearly the difficulties and limitations in professional work at their unit. Therefore, the lectures are designed in accordance with reality, and there are many detailed illustrations, which is easy to understand, close to the daily work. During the study and in the daily work, professionals and staff find it easy to exchange and solve problems arising in professional work. The effect of self-training in the unit is increasingly improved, the trainees appreciate the content because of the ability to use after training. The workload of the unit is getting better and better.

Moreover, the teams are also key factors in advising the leadership of the department in assessing and examining the civil servants and staff. Specifically, the team has built the examination with 433 case questions, tests, and theory questions. The experts also directly participate in grading and examination of staff. From the results of the examination, the leaders of the Department clearly know the capacity and qualifications of each staff member. Thus, there will be direction, arrangement as well as reasonable training.

In addition to self-studying, compiling documents for training, the teams of experts also timely advised documents to guide the implementation of professional procedures for the units, solving difficulties and problems of Customs Branches and business community in the process of procedures, to promptly propose to the General Department of Vietnam Customs to remove obstacles when applying in the localities.

In fact, after 5 years of operation, the quality of the experts has been more and more affirmed, highly appreciated by the trainees. At present, the Binh Duong Customs Department has five specialists who are trusted by the Vietnamese Customs School, put into the contingent of lecturers, regularly support the teaching of professional classes. In addition, the staff of the Department is regularly involved with the General Department of Customs to compile, formulate and comment on new Customs policies, such as amending the Tax Law, Circular 38 / 2015 / TT-BTC, the list of imports and exports, procedures for Customs procedures.

In order to achieve the above results, in addition to the right policy, the leadership of Binh Duong Customs Department has always paid attention to and orientated activities to create and develop the contingent of experts. As of 2017, the Department has issued 3 working regulations for expert groups, in order to further strengthen coordination and improve the efficiency of self-training as follows: sending 1 English specialist to Singapore, organizing 4 training courses on pedagogical profession, and many specialists to participate in professional training classes organized by the General Department of Vietnam Customs. However, more importantly, the staff of the Department always focus on self-study, self-improvement, active research to complete the task assigned better.

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Continuing with the results achieved, in the next time, the expert teams of the Binh Duong Customs Department will continue to promote self-study and professionalism to meet the increasing demand for self-training.

By Phi Vu/ Hoang Anh