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Binh Dinh Customs: Focusing on businesses

14:47 | 04/02/2018

VCN- Customs operation areas managed by Binh Dinh Customs Department includes Binh Dinh and Phu Yen provinces. The Department mainly serves businesses carrying out Customs procedures for agricultural, forestry and fishery products. In the operation plans, it focuses on businesses to reform procedures and increase revenues.

binh dinh customs focusing on businesses Binh Dinh Customs: Actively supporting enterprises to clear cargo stuck in Quy Nhon port
binh dinh customs focusing on businesses Binh Dinh: Warning many ships transporting minerals with suspicious signs
binh dinh customs focusing on businesses Binh Dinh Customs is facing many difficulties in budget collection
binh dinh customs focusing on businesses
Binh Dinh Customs officers carry out export procedures for businesses. Photo: T.H

Always making effort to complete the task
Although affected by the storm No.12, the volume of imported and exported goods reduced sharply compared to the previous year. But in 2017, Binh Dinh Customs made efforts to reform procedures, facilitate trade and increase revenues, and by doing so, exceeded the State revenue target.
In 2017, Binh Dinh Customs Department was assigned VND 505 billion of the ordinance target (Binh Dinh province of VND 471 billion and Phu Yen province, VND 34 billion) and VND 550 billion of the desired target by the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Vietnam Customs. Determining that this is a key task, Binh Dinh Customs Department developed a plan, including solutions to implement revenue collection, focus on drastically and synchronously providing solutions to manage revenue, urge to collect tax debt, and to prevent acts of trade fraud and tax evasion. Also, the Department focused on the prevention of revenue losses on price, code, C/O, volume, and incentive policies on Tax exemption, tax reduction and tax refund. They strengthened the control of import price as prescribed in the data base, and inspection of price for imported goods. In addition, they also strengthened post clearance audit.
Especially, in the last month of 2017, the central provinces were affected seriously by storm No. 12, that included Binh Dinh and Phu Yen provinces. Quy Nhon port suspended operations for a long time, leading to the suspension of import and export activities, greatly affecting the Department’s revenue. However, Binh Dinh Customs Department in general, and Quy Nhon Port Customs Branch in particular, promptly provided solutions to assist businesses in overcoming difficulties and clearing export activity.
With its great efforts and determination, together with the unanimity by businesses, Binh Dinh Customs Department overcame difficulties and obtained remarkable achievement in revenue collection. The department contributed VND 581.465 billion to the State budget, reaching 115.1% of the target assigned by the Ministry of Finance (VND 505 billion), reaching 105.7% of the target assigned by the GDVC (VND 550 billion), an increase of 20.9% compared to 2016 (VND 481.064 billion). They implemented 63 audits of post clearance audit, increasing by VND 2.294 billion of revenue, and completed the tax debt collection target with the amount of VND 1.2 billion.
Creating a favorable business environment for businesses
According to Deputy Director of Binh Dinh Customs Department Nguyen Quoc Huy, 2018 is the transitional year for implementation of the 5 year plan 2016-2020. Vietnam continues to integrate internationally more and more deeply. It is forecasted that although facing many difficulties and challenges, the domestic economy has many optimistic prospects. Therefore, from the beginning of 2018, Binh Dinh Customs Department has actively developed a key operation program and deployed synchronous solutions to implement the assigned task, in which; focusing on implementing the task of revenue collection, promoting the revenue management and raising revenues, accelerating Customs administrative reform, modernization, strictly applying IT in Customs operations for facilitating import and export activities, strengthening anti-smuggling, trade fraud and the fight against tax losses.
In order to complete the target revenue of VND 570 billion in 2018, Binh Dinh Customs Department has instructed its units to regularly analyze and assess factors affecting revenues to provide appropriate forecasts and solutions. They are to make plans to work directly with heads of businesses that regularly import and export goods and contribute large revenues to the department, as well as assisting in removing obstacles to encourage businesses and propose management solutions. Units are to propose to all levels and sectors to collaborate in supporting and facilitating import and export activities. In addition, attracting businesses having investment projects to carry out procedures in Customs branches to ensure accurate revenues and deploy e-tax payment 24/7.
In order to exchange information promptly with businesses, Binh Dinh Customs has developed and promoted the relationship of Customs, businesses and concerned parties. They continue to sign cooperation agreements with Binh Dinh Seafood Joint Stock Company, Binh Dinh Forest Products Association and other associations and businesses.
Besides the facilitation, according to the Binh Dinh Customs Department leader, almost all organizations and individuals importing and exporting in the province have complied with the Customs law and other provisions of the law. However, the situation of goods being illegally transported from foreign countries via Quy Nhon port to Vietnam, and vice versa, incurs illegal trading and the exchange of goods. Some international ships still illegally sell DO and FO oil. These individuals and organizations take advantage of e-Customs clearance system for trade fraud by making false declarations of volume, goods name, code, origin and value. Therefore, the department will further strengthen management and supervision to prevent promptly violation acts, and create a transparent business environment for businesses.

By Le Thu/Ngoc Loan