June 01, 2020 23:21

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Beware of taking advantage of independent, combined transportations for smuggling

14:59 | 30/03/2020

VCN - In the first three months of this year, Hai Phong Customs handed out sanctions for1,050 administrative violations in the customs area, chief among them was taking advantage of independent transportationor combined transportation for smuggling.

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beware of taking advantage of independent combined transportations for smuggling
Automobile accessories infringing consignments were discovered and handled by Team 1 and the Customs Branch of Hai Phong port zone 3 on March 20.

Number of violations decreases

According to Hai Phong Customs Department, in March, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, import-export and import activities in the area slowed.

However, in import and export activities, smuggling, trade fraud, illegal transportation of goods across borders with more sophisticated methods and tricks were unavoidable.

Remarkable actsarefailing declaration, declaring wrong information and hiding goods origin and goods journey

Infringing goods are hidden sophisticatedly among non-infringing goods to evade control of domestic and foreign authorities, while imported goods do not meet conditions, standards and regulations.

Remarkably, some smugglers have taken advantage of various forms of temporary import for re-export, independent transportation, combined transportation for smuggling and illegal cross-border transportation of goods.

As a result, Hai Phong Customs Department handled 268 cases, down 26 compared to February.

From the beginning of the year to the end of March, Hai Phong Customs Department sanctioned 1,050 administrative violations in the field of customs with the total value of infringing goods VND 64.26 billion, of which there were 10 violations of customs control with infringing goods worth more than VND 3 billion.

In addition, the unit also handled one smuggling case, one case of illegal cross-border transportation of goods and one drug violation case.

Risk from consignments with declarations opened outside Customs department

One of the most prominent violations recently discovered in Hai Phong area wasrelated to goods of the customs regime of independent transportation or combined transportation.

Hai Phong Customs and anti-smuggling forces of the General Department of Customs have repeatedly discovered enterprises importing goods to Hai Phong port but opening customs declarations at the Customs branches outside Hai Phong Customs Department with signs of violations

Specifically, on March 20, the Northern Anti-smuggling Control Unit – Unit 1 (Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department, General Department of Customs) coordinated with HaiPhong port Customs branch zone 3 to conduct physical inspection for aconsignment of BP International Import-Export Co., Ltd. (address in Hanoi).

The customs declaration of this consignment was opened on March 18, 2020 under the A12 customs regime, at a customs branch under Hanoi Customs Department. The goods were declared nine items as automobile accessories.

However, through suspicious signs, Unit 1 coordinated with Hai Phong port Customs Branch zone 3 to stop bringing goods through the customs supervision area to conduct a physical inspection.

The inspection results found that lot of goods as automobile accessories have not been listed in the customs declaration of the company and do not have the manufacturer's name.

Previously, on 10/3, Dinh Vu Port Customs Branch decided to stop bringing goods through the supervision area and conduct physical inspection of a suspected imported consignment of which declaration was opened by a company addressed in Dong Anh District (Hanoi) at a Customs branch in Hanoi in the customs regime of combined transportation.

As a result, the goods were declared as "steel window hinges, size (90 * 70 * 20 mm), no brand, 100% new goods", quantity of 13,080. But physical inspection showed the actual imported goods were hinges brand CHUGH, VP, GH, 105mm long, 100% new, quantity of 24,840.

The company failed to declare brand andwrongly declaredquantity in excess of the actual quantity of nearly 12,000 products.

In addition, some products imported by the company were window handle brand CHUGN and KIN LON windows but were not declaredin terms of brand.

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Notably, in the consignment, there were 640 products as "automatic closing device KING brand, model 70 series, 100% new" but the company also did not declare them.



By Thai Binh/ Huyen Trang