July 10, 2020 14:18

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Beware of fake tax officers

09:58 | 27/05/2020

VCN- Ha Noi Tax Department has warned of acts of faking tax officers and signs of law violations.       

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beware of fake tax officers
Ha Noi Tax Department recommends tax payers to be vigilant.

According to Ha Noi Tax Department, recently, there have been phone calls to enterprises from people claiming to betax officers fromHa Noi Tax Department,requesting and forcing enterprises to buy books, documents and sign sponsorship contracts for printing, publishing books or publications honoring enterprises, tax handbooks and setting up tax support funds.


Also, it said that these acts are law violations. The abuse of tax officers and tax authorities to get personal profits and defraud enterprises has affected the production and business activities of enterprises and damagedthe prestige and honourof leaders and officers of tax authorities at all levels. These illegal acts show signs of crime and must be prevented and handled according to law provisions.

The Department said that it does not have policies or assign tax officers to make phone calls, fax and sell books to taxpayers. In fact, for many years, all documents have been provided for free to taxpayers by the Tax authority and updated on the Tax authority’s website. Moreover, the tax authorities' training programs have been free and the Tax authority has sent invitations to taxpayers.

Ha Noi Tax Department recommends taxpayers to be vigilant and continue to promptly provide information on fraud to the Police authorities and Ha Noi Tax Department. 

By Thuy Linh/Ngoc Loan