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Automobile and cosmetics "disguised" compressors

07:54 | 24/08/2016

VCN – 2 passenger cars and 1 truck transported illegally into Vietnam via Hai Phong port have been detected by Customs forces.  

automobile and cosmetics disguised compressors
Hai Phong Customs detected and seized scratched cars which were shipped illegally to Vietnam.. Photo:T.Binh

Based on this journalist’s research, on 20th May, Hai Phong Customs Control in collaboration with the Customs Branch HaiPhong port border region II tested the shipment of one container of Thai Hai Duong Company Limited by type import business formation.

In the declaration, the items were welders and a new air compressor. However, after further investigation, Customs forces suspected the imported goods did not match the statements, so they conducted a physical inspection.

As a result, many cargo containers contained used goods such as foods, cosmetics, massage oil, underwear, socks.

Notably, the test also found 2 used 2012 Kia Morning motor vehicles which were crushed and scratched, and missing a few parts; and 1 used 2006 Hyundai truck, damaged with scratches; 10 diesel engines for trucks; 10 motor car gearboxes, many broken, and damaged items lacking detail, and some auto parts.

According to Hai Phong Customs, the entire consignment was imported by Thai Hai Duong Co. They did incorrect declarations, some items are on the list of goods banned from import and specialized management.

JSC Haiphong valuation and advisory services has determined the estimated value of this shipment is 3.7 billion VND.

HaiPhong Customs Department has decided to prosecute these cases of illegal transportation of goods across the border by Thai Hai Duong Co., Ltd..

by T.Binh/Thanh Thuy