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Attracting businesses with useful solutions

15:33 | 04/06/2019

VCN- The spirit of reform between Customs and enterprises has developed. Customs agencies are always accompanying enterprises in import and export activities.

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Officers of Customs Sub-department of Thang Long North Industrial Zone in a meeting with TOTO Vietnam Company Photo: N.Linh

Regularly listening to businesses

Director of Customs Sub-department of Thang Long NorthIndustrial Zone (Hanoi Customs Department) Nguyen Thai Binh said that enterprises in the area managedby the unit are mainly foreign-invested enterprises. Therefore, the officers need to be aware and professionalin performing their tasks."Solutions for facilitating and removing difficulties for businesses not only promote import and export activities but also contribute to increase budget revenuein the area. Especially in the context of 2019, the target of state budget revenue of the unit hasincreased by 10% (to VND 1,484 billion), to May 14, Customs Sub-department of Thang Long North Industrial Park collected VND 481 billion, reaching 38.2%. This result is still modest compared to the assigned target, so the unit has to offer many useful solutions to complete the assigned targets,” Mr.Nguyen Thai Binh said.

Solutions for supporting businesses have been deployed at the units. Specifically: The Branch has communicated to all cadres and civil servants to strictly implement the regulations on public services of the General Department of Customs; spirit of reforming and accompanying with businesses are regularly grasped; problems of enterprises are directlyassigned to the deputy head of the department to solve on a daily basis, if beyond their authority, they will be reported to a higher level. With newly promulgated legal documents, in addition to public listing, civil servants regularly have exchanges with enterprises to quickly provide information giving the companiestime to strictly abide by the law.

The department has been equipped with an internal management camera system to strictly implement professional processes and prevent civil servants’ mistakes. Leaders of the Sub-Department directly supervise the performance duties of civil servants when dealingwith enterprises. To avoid overlapping answers and moving problems for enterprises, the units have clearly defined the responsibilitiesfor each business segment. The problems related to taxation will be answered by tax department, theproblemsrelated to procedures will be answered by procedure department. Therefore there is no overlap in solving problems. Thanks to the implementation of various solutions to support businesses, from the beginning of the year, the unit has attracted approximately 50 new enterprises.

At VinhPhuc Customs Branch, there are many industrial parksin the area, the units have enlisted the help of the leaders of province, departments and branches to actively contact and support businesses with procedures. Deputy Director of VinhPhuc Customs Sub-Department, Pham Van Thang, said that the unit has actively contacted large turnover enterprises and businesses regularly conducting procedures at the branch to disseminate legal documents, identify import and export plans and grasp the operational situation to overcome difficulties and problemsthat arise for enterprises. The department actively cooperates with departments and agencies in the province to promptly identify new enterprises to guide, overcome obstacles and support businesses to go into operation. The initiative atVinhPhuc Customs Branch has created the trust of many new businesses. Through statistics of the department, from the beginning of the year until now, there have been 25 new enterprises registering to do procedures, these enterprises are in the process of building factories, importing machinery and equipment to create fixed assets. It is expected that in the third and fourth quarters of the year these enterprises will go into production, creating the potential for the unit to achieve and exceed the target of VND 3,550 billion.

Businesses trust

Appreciating the support of the Customs agency for the business community, Mr. Suzuki Hiroyuki,General Director of TOTO Vietnam, said that Vietnam's investment and business environments are very good. VietnamTOTO, businesses receive advice and guidance from customs authorities. The clear procedures have created favorable conditions for businesses inour production and business activities in Hanoi. "We have had the support of the Customs agency from the early days of building Dong Anh Factory 17 years ago, so far the Customs agency has always advised and supported us, the Customs agencyislike a member of TOTO family” he said.

Mr. Do Van Binh, of Vietnam Yusen Logistics Company, said that in the spirit of reform the situation between the Customs agency and enterpriseshas improved. Customs agencies always accompany enterprises in import and export activities. The implementation ofan automatic customs clearance systemand applying IT in customs operations havegreatly helped enterprises in proceduressuch as: 24/7 tax payment system, online public service systemand National SW portal. In the past, preparing a dossier to declare chemicals or precursor chemicals took two days to complete, now it takes only one morning to complete and send tothe management agencies. "The solutions implemented by the Customs Department have been facilitating enterprises so goods can be cleared quickly"- Mr. Do Van Binh said.

By N.Linh/Quynh Lan