April 04, 2020 15:45

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Attempted Smuggling from China

08:23 | 11/09/2016

Two shipments of more than 300 products and spare parts of various transportation vehicles; and 600kg of accessories including iron gilded stairs from China, have been detected and seized by Customs task force 1 (QuangNinh Customs Department) in local area of MongCai, QuangNinh.

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At 13:50’ onSeptember 5th,2016locatedoppositeshop No. 1 (Hong van B) on Hung Vuong Street (Zone 3, Ka Long Ward, MongCai), task force 1 of the Customs Inspection Team temporary confiscated an unidentified shipment, including 20 wooden and plastic rails; 600kg of tips, struts, and base plates, which were the material formaking iron staircases (in mint condition, manufactured in China).

Later, on September 6th,2016located behind Long Xuyen City’s football field (Hong Ha district, Ninh Duong Ward, MongCai), the task forcealso captured another unidentifiedshipment of 348 products, including automotive parts of trucks, motorcycles, electric bicycles; 170 LED lamp 15W power chargers, all originated from China.

In both cases, task force No. 1 has confiscated all the goods for further investigation purposes.

By Quang Hung/Phuong Linh