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Arrest a woman concealing 4,800 tablets of synthetic narcotics in vagina

08:43 | 30/06/2018

VCN – Through a discussion with Customs News reporter, representative of Ha Tinh Customs Department said that, Cau Treo International Border Post and Anti-Drug and Crime Prevention Division (Ha Tinh Border Defense Force) chaired and coordinated with Cau Treo Customs Branch, Anti-Drug Enforcement Team (Ha Tinh Customs Department) and PC 47, Ha Tinh Police, to arrest a woman while she was hiding 4,800 tablets of synthetic narcotics in her vagina in order to escape competent force’s notice.

tin nhap 20180629173354
Nguyen Thi Ha Van and synthetic narcotics. Photo provided by Cau Treo Customs

At 6:00PM on 24/6, at the checkpoint of Cau Treo International Border Gate, during the inspection and supervision task, the working group conducted a physical inspection and examination of Binh Lam bus passengers, which has a Laos license plate, UN - 3838. During the inspection, the working group detected Nguyen Thi Ha Van (was born in 1975, lives in Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province) who was hiding 4,800 synthetic narcotics in vagina, chest, pants, socks, shoes and suitcase, in order to escape competent force’s notice.

At the investigation agency, Nguyen Thi Ha Van claimed that the 4,800 synthetic tablets were contained in 24 nylon packages, and she was hired to transport the drugs to Vietnam by a stranger living in Vientiane (Laos) for 30 million VND.

It is known that Nguyen Van Ha is a longtime drug addict. Currently the competent force is continuing the investigation.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy