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Arrest 2 persons transporting 600,000 tablets of synthetic narcotics and 36 bars of heroin

14:51 | 12/03/2019

VCN – According to Ha Tinh Border Defense force, the force of Anti-drug and criminal Department (Vietnam Border Defense force) and Ha Tinh Border Defense force coordinated with Drug Prevention Police Department of Ministry of Security of Laos, to close successfully the special project 015 AV, arrested 2 persons and seized 600,000 tablets of synthetic narcotics, 36 bars of heroin and one car.

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The subjects and synthetic narcotics

At 3:15 PM on 6/3 at Nong Thao commue, Na Xay Thoong district, Vientiane City (Laos), the working group detected and arrested 2 persons while they were transporting large quantity of narcotics.

At the scene, the competent force seized 600,000 tablets of synthetic drug, 36 bars of heroin, 1 Fortuner car and some other related documents.

The subjects were Laos nationalities, including Tenh Va (20 years old, Mong people, residing in Huoi Ngan village, Khop district, Xay Nha Buly district) and Kay Ly (30 years old, Mong people, residing in Xay Cha Lon village, Huoi Xai district, Bo Keo province.

At the investigation agency, the two subjects claimed that they were transporting drugs from Laos to Vietnam for consumption.

Currently, the project is being investigated and expanded by competent forces.

By Tuấn Kiệt/Thanh Thuy