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Arrest 2 person transporting 4kg of heroin

16:07 | 22/11/2017

VCN – According to information of Border Defense Force, the competent force under High Command of Border Defense Force has established special project No.026L for seizing 2 people while transporting 4kg of heroin.

arrest 2 person transporting 4kg of heroin
2 subjects and drugs. Photo: Dien Bien Border Defense Force

At 5:00 PM, on 19/11, at the grassland area of the Nam La area, Muong Nhe Ward, Muong Nhe District, Dien Bien province, Dien Bien Border Defense force destroyed successfully trading line of transporting illegally heroin from border area to inland for consumption. Also, the force seized 2 people that are Vang Sau Thai (was born in 1971, lives in CoLo Ho village, Ta Tong Commune, Muong Te District, Lai Chau province) and Sung A Ninh (was born in 1997, lives in Nam Vi village, Chung Chai Commune, Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province).

In there, the working group inspected luggage of 2 people and discovered two plastic bags containing about 4 kg of opium, two hand scales and two mobile phones.

At the investigation agency, Sung A Ninh declared that Thai met Ninh’s brother who is Sung A Cau for discussion at 8:00 AM on 18/11 and then gave money to Ninh and Thai in order to buy opium. Currently, the case has been investigated and handled by competent authorities.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy