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Arrest 2 people transported 11 bars of heroin, 2.000 tablets of ecstasy

09:48 | 09/12/2017

VCN - In the morning of 5/12, the leader of Anti-Drug Enforcement Unit (Unit 5, Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department, General Department of Customs) confirmed that the unit has coordinated with the competent forces to arrest two people that transported 11 bars of heroin, 2.000 tablets of ecstasy in Son La.

arrest 2 people transported 11 bars of heroin 2000 tablets of ecstasy
Bars of heroin were seized by competent forces.

At 10:00 PM, on 28/11, on Highway 6, the section cross through Sap Vat commune, Yen Chau district, Son La, Unit 5 and PC47, Son La police collaborated with competent forces to catch Vang A Pao (was born in 1991) and Vang A Trang (was born in 1992) both of them lives in Hua Nhan commune, Bac Yen district, Son La province) due to transporting narcotics.

At the scene, the competent forces seized 11 bars of heroin, 10 packs of ecstasy (about 2,000 tablets of synthetic drugs).

Initially, they claimed that those drugs were bought from Laos then transported to Vietnam and after that, it would be transported to China for consumption. Currently, the case has been investigated by competent forces.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy