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An Giang: Smugglers still use former tricks

14:30 | 15/07/2019

VCN- Thai cigarettes and sugar are still illegally transported by smugglers from Cambodia to Vietnam. When being chased by competent forces, most of smugglers abandon the goods to escape.  

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an giang smugglers still use former tricks
Smuggled sugar seized by Vinh Xuong Customs Branch.

According to Vinh Xuong International Border Gate Customs Branch under An Giang Customs Department, in the first half of 2019, the branch detected nine cases of illegally importing sugar, weighting 7.4 tonnes valued at VND 94 million. This amount of smuggled sugar is more than the amount seized by the branch in 2018.

Notably, for seizures of smuggled goods in Vinh Xuong border, smugglers often left goods to escape when chased by competent forces. In the first half of 2019, 18 suspects in 24 smuggling cases arrested by the branch left goods to escape.

On June 11, Vinh Xuong International Border Gate Customs Branch coordinated with Border Guard Station to patrol Vinh Xuong Border area, and arrested some suspects transporting goods by motorbike from Cambodia to Vietnam. These suspects left goods and returned to Cambodia. The team inspected these goods and detected 38 bags of sugar produced by Thailand and Cambodia.

On May 22, the Customs Enforcement Team coordinated with the mobile inter-branch patrol team 389 of Tan Chau Town to patrol at the No. 2 of Hamlet 5, Vinh Xuong commune, Tan Chau town and detected some suspects were gathering bags to illegally transport from Cambodia into Vietnam. When detecting Customs force, these suspects left the goods. Through the inspection, the competent forces inspected and discovered 1.75 tonnes of sugar, 1,600 packs of foreign cigarettes, nine cartons of beer and 240 bottle of herbicides.

According to the Steering Committee 389 of An Giang province, more than one month up to now, the illegal transportation of sugar and cigarettes has increased. Currently, anti-smuggling forces on An Giang have implemented solutions to prevent at border routes.

An Giang Customs Department said smugglers have constantly changed tricks to avoid detection by competent forces. For cigarettes, smugglers transported cigarettes to the inland and then loaded them on motorbikes running at high speech and are guarded on each road. Notably, smuggled cigarettes are not stored in houses or warehouses as previously, but left on vacant land and guarded to wait for goods receiver, and smugglers quickly escape when detected by competent forces.

Although the amount of smuggling and value of infringing goods decreased compared to 2018, smuggling and illegal transportation of goods across borders are complicated problems, especially, smuggled Thai cigarettes and sugar. Smugglers used motorbikes or hired people to transport goods across border gates, each motorbike transport 200-1,000 packages to avoid criminal sanctions. For sugar, smugglers transport 3-5 bags driving at high speed, causing difficulties for anti-smuggling forces.

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To legitimise smuggled sugar transported into inland, smugglers transported sugar from Cambodia to Vietnam and processed it in establishments next to the border for melting and packing with a large volume, then used documents or invoices of domestic sugar companies to deal with competent forces.

Facing this situation, An Giang Customs Department has patrolled and controlled at border routes and coordinated with relevant forces to prevent smuggling and illegal transportation of goods.

By Le Thu/Ngoc Loan