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An Giang Customs: Facilitation to raise revenues

18:42 | 09/08/2019

VCN- Managing the area around border gates, besides anti-smuggling activities, An Giang Customs Department creates a favorable environment to raise revenues.  

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an giang facilitation to raise revenues
Customs operation at My Thoi Seaport Customs Branch- An Giang. Photo: T.H

Revenue increases four-fold

According to An Giang Customs Department, thanks to many solar power projects in the province, the An Giang Customs Department’s revenue in the first seven months of the year increased sharply. The department collected VND411.4 billion, reaching 233% target assigned by the Ministry of Finance and reaching 152% of additional revenue assigned by the General Department of Vietnam Customs, increasing nearly four times compared to 2018.

According to the leaders of An Giang Customs Department, the sharp increase in revenue in the first seven months of the year is due to the revenue collected from the import of duty-free equipment to create fixed assets for Sao Mai solar power plant project invested by Sao Mai Group and the solar power plant project invested by Van Giao Co., Ltd. in An Giang province.

In order to helpinvestors implement their projects, An Giang Customs Department has directed units to constantly reform and simplify administrative procedures, digitize customs procedures, shorten goods clearance time, promptly handle problems related to customs procedures, tax policies, build, develop Customs-Business partnerships, create trust, accompany businesses and promote import and export activities in the province.

In addition, An Giang Customs Department has deployed alegal support plan for enterprises in 2019 in An Giang province and provided specific solutions to implement the Prime Minister's Directive No.25/CT-TTg. It continues to implement the main tasks and solutions to improve the business environment, enhance national competitiveness in 2019 and orientations to 2021 by An Giang Customs Department according to the Decision to implement the Government’s Resolution No. 02/NQ- CP on January 1, 2019.

With solutions to create favorable conditions, the number of enterprises outside the province participating in import and export activities in the province is significant. As of the end of June 2019, the total number of enterprises carrying out customs procedures in border-gate customs branches under An Giang Customs Department was 336, of which, 281 enterprises were from outside the province.

The major export products are fishery, fertilizer, rice, instant noodles, iron and steel, general goods, clothing, cement, ceramics, machinery and equipment, electricity and solar power. Import products are mainly wood, Vietnamese currency, raw materials for processing and fruit. Total import and export declarations was 10,071, increasing by 11% compared to 2018, with the total import and export turnover reaching US$868.55 million, increasing by 36% compared to 2018, leading to anincrease in revenue over 2018.

Closely control the area

An Giang Customs has taken measures to closely control the area and promptly prevent offences, creating a transparent business environment and attracting enterprisesto carry out customs procedures at border gates, minimizing the transportation of goods across tracks and border crossings, as well as increasing revenue for the State budget.

In order to implement activities effectively, leaders of An Giang Customs Department have directed border-gate customs branches and customs control teams to strengthen public and secret patrols, supervision at border gates; plan to coordinate with forces such as the Border Guard Station, district and town Police in targeted areas to prevent and arrest suspects trafficking and illegally transporting goods, Vietnamese currency or drugs across the border.

Leaders of the An Giang Customs Department regularly work with customs branches to direct them to perform their tasks. In the first half of 2019, An Giang Customs Department detected and dealt with39 cases of customs offences, of which 30 cases were related to smuggling. Smuggled goods are mainly foreign cigarettes, Thai sugar, raw gold, used clothes, cosmetics, confectionery, wine, beer, auto parts, wood and wooden products and agricultural products. The number of violations and value of infringing good fell by 22 cases and VND282 million, respectively.

An Giang Customs Department said the number of officers is low compared to actual demand. Besides patrol, control and prevention of smuggling, Customs officers must perform other tasks such as processing import and export goods,means of transport and luggage on exit and entry; implement inspections and supervision at border gates. Therefore, thishas significantly affected the effectiveness of anti-smuggling activities in the area of ​​operation of each unit.

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In order to complete the tasks assigned in 2019, at the conference ondeploying tasks in the finalmonths of 2019 held last weekend, the leaders of An Giang Customs Department asked the units to follow the direction of the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Customs to implement operations.

Units continues to promote administrative reforms, effectively implement customs procedures to improve quality, efficiency of management as well as support and create favorable conditions for import and export activities. At the same time, propagating, encouraging and supporting enterprises to use the public online service system, improving the efficiency of automated goods clearance program on VNACCS/VCIS system to meet procedural requirements "Every time - everywhere - every business"; striving to fulfill the target of state budget in 2019.

By Le Thu/Ngoc Loan