June 16, 2019 05:33

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An Giang Customs - Border Security join hands to maintain border gate security

08:48 | 10/03/2019

VCN- As a force assigned to manage key state at many border gates on the border of An Giang, in recent years, the Border Guards and Customs offices have coordinated effectively and jointly protecting economic security, national security along this important border.

an giang customs border security join hands to maintain border gate security Drug trafficking operates complicatedly in the border area of An Giang
an giang customs border security join hands to maintain border gate security Smuggling in An Giang is complicated at the end of the year
an giang customs border security join hands to maintain border gate security Smuggling in An Giang Province still has not cooled down
an giang customs border security join hands to maintain border gate security
Customs - Border guard Tinh Bien border gate - An Giang coordinated to check at the border gate Photo: Dang Nguyen

Blocking many large smuggling

In 2018, the leaders of the forces directed the units and localities to continue to coordinate with the forces to implement the Regulation on coordination of activities between the Customs Department and the Border Guard Command of An Giang province to discover and prevent many illegal transports of goods and smuggling on a large scale. The forces have coordinated in fighting and handling cases of illegal sale and purchase of narcotics, smuggling, illegal goods transportation and illegal cross-border currency transportation. Coordinating the implementation of plans to absolutely protect safe targets, key projects, important political and cultural events, activities of organizing festivals, local associations…

Colonel Ly Ke Tung, Deputy Commander of An Giang Border Guard confirmed that the Customs and Border Guard have done a good job in coordination in inspection and control of export and import at border gates in the country to fight against drug-related crime, smuggling, illegal transportation of goods, money, gold and foreign currencies across the border. Typically, on May 12, 2018, Tinh Bien International Border Guard Station coordinated with the customs authorities to arrest Chau Thi No object for illegal transportation of 12.81 kg of marijuana. The next day, these two forces coordinated to arrest Yung Srey Pov, who illegally transported more than 13 kg of gold, 1,000 USD and 20 million VND from Cambodia to Vietnam. On June 20, at Tinh Bien border gate, two coordinated forces arrested Nguyen Van Tinh who illegally transported 4.6 grams of stone drugs ... All three cases were prosecuted for criminal cases transferred Police agencies to investigate and to handle according to their competence.

Not only coordinating the arrest of illegal cargo and gold shipments, Colonel Ly Ke Tung said that the two forces also coordinated in arresting many smuggled goods that were hidden in sophisticated camouflage on all transport means across the border area. Typically, on May 16, 2018, Tinh Bien border-gate customs coordinated with border-guard border forces to detect and arrest car transporters Cambodia smuggling more than 3 tons of surveyed timber…

According to Mr. Nguyen Tan Buu, Deputy Director of An Giang Customs Department, the good coordination of forces discovered and arrested many cases of law violations happening in the area, contributing to maintaining the security of the border gate. In 2018 alone, Customs and Border Guard forces actively detected and arrested more than 250 cases of law violations.

Point out exist for effective coordination

At the conference to implement the coordination between Customs, Border Guard and Police organized earlier this week, the forces frankly pointed out some limitations in coordination to overcome to join hands to preserve border security. Colonel Ly Ke Tung, Deputy Commander of An Giang Border Guard said that the coordination in inspection, supervision and control at the border gate between the Customs and the Border Guards is relatively tight, reaching High results at some gateways. However, in the exchange of information on crimes, fighting against crime in area 2 on the border gate of chicken gate is sometimes limited, not yet able to open common projects…

Affirming the coordination between Customs and Border Guards at the border gate has brought into play the combined strength of the forces in carrying out the arrest or establishment of public key to prevent smuggling or illegal transport of goods cross the border; to minimize the situation of people who are active or against people being on duty; providing more information on smuggling, illegal cross-border transportation of goods ..., representatives of leaders of border-gate customs officers also pointed out some shortcomings that need to be overcome. According to representatives of Khanh Binh Border Gate Customs Branch, the terrain of Khanh Binh border gate area is very complicated, the boundary between Vietnam and Cambodia has a common border with Hau river, There are many cross-dock stations to transport people, vehicles of transportation and goods without being checked and controlled by the authorities, along the rivers there are many warehouses difficult to check and control. In addition, the delineation of the operational area of ​​the Customs does not coincide with the management area of ​​Bien Phong, so coordination in patrolling and control is also difficult.

an giang customs border security join hands to maintain border gate security An Giang Customs: Combating effectively against illegal transport of money and gold cross border

VCN – In 2017, An Giang Customs detected and seized 5 cases of violation relating to illegal ...

Mr. Nguyen Tan Buu - Deputy Director of An Giang Customs Department said that in 2019, the forces will step up the coordination of patrol and control, prevention of smuggling acts in the area in charge. To closely coordinate and support each other in terms of forces, tools and means to fight against smuggling, illegal cross-border goods transportation and trade frauds, not to exist in group and spot lines. Hot smuggling happens in the area of management.

The forces always ready to quickly respond when being required to coordinate, ensuring in coordination patrol, control; forces must be strong enough to arrest smugglers, prevent the situation of anti-executives equipment.

By Le Thu/ Bui Diep