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Already taken 503 scrap containers out from Vietnam territory

10:35 | 14/09/2019

VCN – According to provincial customs departments, until now, the number of containers declaring on manifest as scrap ineligible for import in to Vietnam that were refused to implement procedures by Customs authorities and forced shipping lines to take out from Vietnam’s territory was 503 containers.

tin nhap 20190910082738
The work of customs enforcement at Cai Lan port (Quang Ninh province). Photo: T.Trang

Currently, the number of backlogged containers counted in August 16, the number of containers declaring on e-manifest as scrap stored at seaport was 10,983 (down by 976 containers compared to thr previous month).

In particular, the number of containers kept for less than 30 days was 3,842; the number of containers from 30 days to 90 days was 38; the number of backlogged containers kept over 90 days was 7,103 (decreasing by 976 from the previous month).

The General Department of Vietnam Customs has requested the provincial Customs Departments to implement strict control, if it was suspected scrap, customs authority would conduct the inspection, enforcement processing to shipping lines and forcing to re-export. At the same time, they must continue to strictly manage scrap and used goods that were backlogged in the customs management area and strictly handle violations; strictly control those goods items before importing them into Vietnam; chair and coordinate with the specialised management ministries in implementing solutions to improve the efficiency of specialised inspection activities for import and export goods.

Regarding the fight against goods of fraudulent origin, the General Department of Vietnam Customs advised the Ministry of Finance to report to the Prime Minister on the situation against fraudulent origin, labelling of goods and illegal transmission. At the same time, submiting to the Ministry for promulgation an action programme to implement the Decision No. 824/QD-TTg of Prime Minister dated July 4, 2019 on the project "Strengthening state management of the prevention of evasive safeguard measure and fraudulent origin".

In parallel with that is the issuance of Official Letter No. 5189/TCHQ-GSQL dated August 13, 2019, guiding the inspection and identification of origin to prevent fraudulent origins and combat illegal transmission.

Develop plan No.773/KH-ĐTCBL dated July 29, 2019 on investigating and verifying businesses related to ASANZO brand, which was manufactured and imported from China to label Vietnamese origin for deciving consumers and plan No. 894/KH-DTCBL dated August 15, 2019 of the plan to investigate, verify smuggling, evasion of special consumption tax, value added tax of companies related to ASANZO brand.

By Thuy Trang/Thanh Thuy