August 26, 2019 02:12

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Already mobilized over 36.000 billion VND of Government bonds

15:05 | 12/02/2019

VCN – The Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) conducted a tendering of Government bonds released by State Treasury and obtained 5,948 billion VND on 30/1.

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Illustration image. Source: Internet

In this tendering, the total volume of bids was 4,500 billion VND for the terms of 5 years (1,000 billion VND), 10 years (3,000 billion VND) and 20 years (500 billion VND). As a result, the tendering mobilized a total of 5,948 billion VND.

Consequently, the 5-year bond had 10 members that participated in the tendering, successfully mobilized 1,000 billion VND with the winning interest rate of 3.80%/year, lower than the last winning interest rate by 0.02% (on 16/1/2019).

The 10-year bonds had 11 bidders and successfully mobilized 3,000 billion VND with winning interest rates of 4.80%/year, lower than previous winning rates by 0.04% (on 16/1). The sub-tendering of 10-year bonds called for 1,500 billion VND, with 6 members participating in the tendering. It successfully mobilized 1,500 VND billion with an interest rate of 4.80%/year.

The 20-year bond had 4 bidders and mobilized 448.5 billion VND with the winning interest rate of 5.59%/year, lower than the previous winning rate by 0.01% (on 16/1).

Finally, the tendering session collected 5,948 billion VND. Since the beginning of 2019, the State Treasury has already mobilized 36,343.5 billion VND of government bonds through tendering at the HNX.

By Thùy Linh/Thanh Thuy