August 26, 2019 01:16

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Allocated more than 330,000 billion VND of State budget investment plan 2019

13:15 | 07/02/2019

VCN – The Prime Minister allocated State budget investment plan 2019 to the Ministries, Sectors and localities.

Specifically, the Prime Minister allocated 337,617.901 billion VND of State budget investment plan 2019 for the Ministries, agencies of the Government, other agencies at the Center, State corporations and provincial People’s Committee (it was not including the budget assigned for target program of Bien Dong – Islands and target program of Defense industry) and list of projects using State budget investment in 2019.

allocated more than 330000 billion vnd of state budget investment plan 2019
Illustration image. Source: Internet

The Prime Minister assigned the budget to the Minister of Planning and Investment based on the total number of State budget investment plans in 2019 and the list of projects assigned to ministries, government agencies and other agencies at the Government, state corporations and People's Committees of provinces with the total interest subsidy and management fees of development investment credit and social policy credit, charter capital, loans for subsidized housing programs.

At the same time, assigning to ministries, government agencies and other agencies at the Central, state corporations which have total budget preparing for investment and project implementation allocated by sectors, field, programs and capital levels for each specific project.

Furthermore, assigning to the provinces and cities the total amount of state budget, the amount of central budget supplemented for each target program and state budget allocated for each specific project.

The amount of capital paid for debts of capital construction; the recovering capital of amount of prepaid capital from the central budget of each project in accordance with the decisions of the Prime Minister.

Based on the State budget investment plan and the list of capital levels of projects using central budget in 2019 as assigned and Decision of allocating the state budget investment capital in 2019 of the Minster of Planning and Investment, the ministries, agencies of the Government, other agencies at the Central, state corporations, People's Committees of provinces and cites which were allocated capital to grant interest subsidies and expenses for credit management of development investment and social policy credit, charter capital, lending to subsidized housing programs in strict accordance with the principle of capital allocation for payment of charter capital , interest subsidies rate and management fees based on the figures already settled and audited; recovering the prepaid capital from the state budget for interest subsidy rate and management fees; implementing policy credit programs under the assigned plan and other provisions of law.

Besides that, proactively reviewing and cutting down capital for projects implemented slowly and supplementing capital for projects with high completion volume, reporting to competent authorities for making decision in accordance with law, ensuring no excess capital. Focusing on speeding up, completing important national projects, urgent projects in progress.

By Hương Dịu/Thanh Thuy