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All localities have completed and exceeded revenue estimate

15:14 | 19/01/2020

VCN - 2019 has been recognized as a successful year for the tax sector in revenue collection. Many tax offices across the country have revenues that surpass expectations and have successfully completed their tasks.

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The tax sector has surpassed 108.6 percent of the revenue estimate. Photo: T. L

Continuously exceeding the estimate

General Director of the General Department of Taxation, Cao Anh Tuan, said that for the whole year of 2019, the total revenue managed by the tax authority is VND 1,275,868 billion, equaling 109.2 percent of the estimate, surpassingVND107,768 billion. Ofwhich, local budget revenue is VND702,531 billion, equivalent to 116.9 percent of the estimate. This is the first year that the tax sector has comprehensively completed the targets, of which the central budget revenue surpassed 1.4 percent of the estimate (equivalent to an excess of VND7,800 billion), local budget revenue surpassed 15.3 percent of the estimate (over VND92,100 billion).

Phu Yen Department of Taxation is one of the units with the highest revenue in excess of the national estimate. By December 31, the unit collected VND6,300 billion, equaling 183 percent of the estimate, an increase of 41 percent compared to 2018. Of which, the domestic revenue, excluding oil, land use fees and business lottery, reached VND4,100 billion, equaling 144 percent of the estimate. Statistics show that there are 15 of 18 group revenues reaching 100 percent of the estimate assigned; all 10 units have achieved and exceeded the provincial estimate.

By the end of 2019, the total domestic revenue in the area managed by Nghe An Tax Department reached VND14,693 billion, equaling 135 percent of the Central estimate, 125 percentof the estimate assigned by the Provincial People's Council and increasing by 18 percent compared to the implementation in 2018. With this result, Nghe An's domestic revenue surpassed the provincial People's Council estimate by more than VND2,600 billion. Most revenues have increased. There are 13 of 15 group revenues surpassed the estimate. Some excess items such as: revenues from non-state industrial and commercial services surpassed 5 percent of the estimate;registration fees exceeded 32 percent of the estimate, environmental protection tax revenue exceeded 21 percent and land rent surpassed 42 percent of the estimate.

This is the highest revenue result in recent years forNghe An Tax Department,both in the estimation completion rate and the growth rate compared to the same period last year, contributing to the province's initiative in balancing the local budget.

2019 continues to be a year with many remarkable points in the management and State budget collection of Dak Lak Tax sector. According to a report byDak Lak Tax Department, the total state budget revenue made by the unit until December 31, 2019 is estimated at VND6,910 billion, reaching 127 percent of the estimate, reaching 101.5 percent of the estimate assigned by the Provincial People's Council, increasing by 17.6 percent compared to 2018.

In particular, many revenues increased sharply compared to the same period last year, such as: State sector revenues increased by 10.1 percent, registration fees increased 20.5 percent, personal income tax increased by 10.8 percent, environmental protection tax increased by 53.8 percent, fees for granting mineral rights increased by 21 percent and fines increased by 11.3 percent. This is the thirdconsecutive year that Dak Lak Tax Department has surpassed the targets, making an important contribution to local socio-economic development.

The good news of the tax industry in 2019 is that all 63 localities have completed and exceeded the revenue estimates. Some units with difficult revenue have made great efforts in the last days of the year to complete their task. According to the General Department of Taxation, the victory of the tax sector is due to the close guidance of the Government, the Ministry of Finance, and the drastic implementation of revenue management solutions to combat budget losses.

Strive to exceed at least 3 percent

2020 is the last year of the budget stability period for 2017-2020, which is crucial to the implementation of the socio-economic development and budgetary goals for the 10-year implementation for 2011-2020 and 5-year implementation for 2016-2020 set by the authorities.

According to the General Department of Taxation, the implementation of the 2020 budget revenue estimate is implemented in the context of continued macroeconomic consolidation, an improved business environment, and a gradual shifting of the economic structure. The core is the processing industry. However, it is forecast that there will be many difficulties and challenges affecting the economy and the task of collecting state budget due tothe shift of investment flows, international integration related to the origin of goods, the administration of monetary policies, and the pressure on economic infrastructure, social security and unusual developments in climate change, natural disasters and epidemics.

Therefore, in order to strive to exceed the assigned state budget collection task in 2020 at the highest level, the General Department of Taxation issued Official Letter No. 5490/TCT-DT requesting the Tax Departments of provinces and cities to continue to strengthen discipline in directing, operating and managing budget revenues. Focusing on fully implementing the tasks and solutions for managing state budget revenues under the direction of the Government, the Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Taxation and Circular No. 88/2019/TT-BTC of December 24, 2019 of the Ministry of Finance stipulating the organization of implementation of the State budget estimates in 2020.

The Tax sector has launched emulation movements to exceed the State budget revenue estimates right from the first day, the first month and the first quarter of 2020. At the same time, urged businesses, organizations, business households and individuals tomake tax declarationsand fully pay taxin accordance with the law. Focus on urging enterprises to pay corporate income tax and the remaining paid profits of the fourth quarter of 2019 into the state budget before January 23, 2020.

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In particular, the General Department of Taxation requires local tax departments to direct and manage the budget collection and strengthen the management of revenue, preventing tax losses and reducing tax debts. By 2020, the revenues of the tax departments must exceed at least 3 percent of the draft estimate.

By Thuy Linh/KieuOanh