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Aiding store rice to support locals for ensuring quality and quantity

13:57 | 27/02/2017

VCN – The General Department of State Reserves held a conference about drawing out goods from State reserves to people in difficult regions in the Lunar New Year and support rice for students in difficult regions in accordance with Decree No. 116/2016/ND-CP of the Government.

aiding store rice to support locals for ensuring quality and quantity
Mr. Le Van Thoi answered questions in the conference.

Drawing out rice for people to use in Tet holidays

Mr. Pham Viet Ha, Deputy Director of the Store Goods Management Department said that: Implementing the direction of the Prime Minister, till the end of 27th January 2017, the General Department of State reserves has completed the drawing and support for 17 provinces and cities with 14,114 tons of rice, achieved 100% of plan, in order to support local people. Storage of rice for supporting provinces has ensured quality, quantity and the plan of the People’s Committee of each province.

On further evaluation, Mr. Ha alo said: Through the lessons learned from supporting rice for the Lunar New Year in previous years, after receiving the written request of the provincial People's Committee, the General Department of State reserves have actively cooperated with the Department of State budget to submit timely to the Ministry of Finance then propose to the Prime Minister in order to issue a decision for supporting rice in the Lunar New Year.

At the same time, the General Department of State reserves also proactively notified the Departments of State reserves in charge of their region that wished to obtain support and to contact to local authority for receiving rice, having the delivery plan on time, rent vehicles for transportation, allocation, delivery and receiving rice immediately after the decision of the Prime Minister.

Regarding supporting rice for students, in the first semester of the academic year 2016-2017, as decided by the Minister of Finance, the General Department of State reserves has taken out more than 35,657 tons of rice for 539,736 students from 47 provinces. In Semester 2 of the academic year 2016-2017, the Department of State reserves has taken out more than 29,215 tons of rice for 487,159 students in 47 provinces.

Reserve enough rice for urgent cases

To clear "suspicion of public opinion" about the quality of rice of the State reserves that were pointed out by a number of reporters at the press conference, Mr. Le Van Thoi - Deputy General Director of the General Department of State reserves confirmed: So far, the quality of rice in State reserves at any given time, is guaranteed quality as prescribed.

Explaining the reason for this claim, Mr Thoi demonstrated the reservation process. Firstly, when importing rice in warehouses, it has specific regulatory standards for quality, prescribed norms and examined very closely. Then, during the preservation process, units apply modern preservation technology in order to ensure rice can be preserved 24 months under the provisions.

When delivering rice, the Department of State reserves must take samples, along with receiving units to control and co-sign the report.

Along with this strict process, the leaders of the General Department of State reserves always require the units in the area not to be subjective about quality of rice which still has to check again at the warehouse’s door when taking out.

"Recently, there has been a reflection of the press that the quality of rice distributed to people in the central provinces suffered by marine environmental incidents, and did not meet standard. We have held an inspection and confirm that the rice is from non-government units to support people, not from State reservation "- Mr. Le Van Thoi said.

Responding to a reporter's question on the issue of approving the proposal for support rice from State reservation, leaders of General Department of State reserve said that: Not every province requests and awaits approval, it must comply with specific regulations.

For aprovince that has budget autonomy, there is provision for the reserve after taking off in a local reservation then propose to the Central Government to grant more.

This is not only managed by the Ministry of Finance but also has the participation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. When local authorities send a proposal, the General Department of State reserves will issue a document and send to the State Budget Department - Ministry of Finance to review the province's reserves have run out or not. If it meet the conditions, the Ministry of Finance will propose to the Government.

Answering the question "If goods of State reserves are not enough to meet the needs, how will the General Department of State handle?", Mr. Thoi confirmed that: By this time, there has never been a shortage of goods of State reserve.

For example, about food, currently 2 items are stored rice and paddy rice. Paddy rice has the advantage of a longer shelf life but must pass processing so it takes more time than rice. When it is necessary, rice will be taken out. If the locals propose to get support but not in an urgent case, paddy rice will be designated for allocation. Therefore, the reserves will be calculated on the demand and time by the units so the quantities of goods are available in stockpiles.

By Hồng Vân/Thanh Thuy