December 18, 2018 03:10

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Administrative procedure reform: Still confused

12:25 | 10/06/2018

VCN- Reforming the administrative procedures, cutting down the business conditions are considered as a driving force for the economic growth. But until now, this work is only in the level of improvement, not much breakthrough. Talking to the reporter of Customs News Mr. Phan Duc Hieu (pictured), Deputy Director of Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) said that the ministries still are much “confused” in the implementation, although the reasons and solutions have been stated.

administrative procedure reform still confused

The reform of administrative procedures is still slow, would you like to rate this issue?

First of all, the institutional reform, and the administrative procedure reform are the driving force for long-term sustainable development. In particular, the administrative procedures are only part of the reform process; The most important thing is to abolish and cut down the regulations that create obstacles to competition, creativity and increase costs and burden for the enterprises, create a barrier for enterprises to enter the market. Therefore, the reform must be done in a holistic way, not just a "race" in time.

Objectively, the reform is now in the right direction, but it has not really generated momentum because the pace of reform was at the "improvement" rate, the next year was faster than last year, but had not created the real breakthroughs.

Resolution 19 on enhancing competitiveness and improving the business environment promulgated by the Government has set many targets for the ministries and branches to work on reducing time, costs for the enterprises over the past five years, but so far, many targets have not been achieved. Because the targets have not been achieved, the reforms have not met the expectations of the enterprises and society; When this expectation is larger than the government targets. Therefore, the reform of administrative procedures has not yet created a real impetus and motivation for the economic development.

Therefore, in order to do the above, the ministries and branches must strive to achieve all objectives, otherwise they will fail. Resolution No. 19 of 2018 introduced a requirement on reducing the business conditions, the ministries and branches have all moved, but to realize fully, the story “how long” happens. Until now, only one document from the Ministry of Industry and Trade was promulgated, while the other ministries still say they are reviewing actively, and building the draft regulations ... but how long to issue is the difficult question, because some business conditions at the decree level could be implemented in the next few months, but other business conditions at the law level are difficult to determine.

In addition to the delay, would you like to show some limitations of administrative procedure reform that have not been implemented in our country yet?

Obviously, the size of the reforms is only the removal of administrative barriers, but do not create the contribution for the growth, such as the elimination of regulations on business risks and increasing the protection of intellectual property for the enterprises, developing the policies to promote the national competition, taking competition as the key… Therefore, besides promoting the ministries and agencies to complete timely the objectives, the reform should take into account the long-term goal by providing the necessary long-term policies.

For example, it is necessary to take measures to promote the national competition policy, because competition is the foundation and driving force for development, but the improvement effort has not been emphasized. In addition, the reform must aim towards safe business. Now, the ministries and branches have just eliminated the barriers, have not reformed to create more safety factors to increase the convenience for production and business activities yet. It is the protection of enterprises against the legal risks. In the world, many countries have taken into account the abolition of procedures that create the burden of cost, administration, and the abolition of regulations that cause unsafe business risks. Thus, the enterprises are really "untied" to create a driving force for economic development.

In your opinion, what is the cause for the situation that over many years there has not really been a breakthrough?

The current key issue is the cause of the situation and has been “dissected” by the experts, leaders of the Government, ministries, and branches for many years; It has even given directions and ways to address these limitations in detail. But to date, the biggest problem that is full, consistent, efficient and timely implementation has not been fulfilled; while in the present context, delays will lead to failure. In part, this may be due to the "benefits" of ministries and branches when they want to retain the business conditions or the administrative procedures; in part, this is due to the limited capacity and the responsibility of the executives ... So that, the Prime Minister also talked about the situation "upper hot, lower heat, middle cold" in the public authorities. As a result, the management offices and the experts are "confused" in finding ways to implement.

Whether are we at “a lost", Dear Sir?

We have been just "confused" in finding ways to make a breakthrough, as I said, the institutional reform, administrative procedure reform are improved a lot now, all ministries and branches have tried so hard. Then, finding an effective way will make the reform that creates the opportunity for the economic development; Otherwise, delay will always be the obstacle due to not meeting the expectations of society.

The senior economist Pham Chi Lan has given a different way, that the Government should not assign the ministries implementing themselves, but should assign an independent agency seeking opinions and implementing the reforms, it like the way of cutting the business licenses in 2000s. Accordingly, if the Prime Minister would agree, accept the recommendations of this independent agency without waiting for the ministries’ approval, so the implementation of reforms would very quick and effective. I agree with this view, or we can combine both approaches, the ministries reform actively in combining with the top-down reform direction. It means that we have to raise the responsibility for the common development of the business community and the economy, to implement in a disciplined and real manner, so that, the reform of administrative procedures would create new breakthroughs, effectiveness.

Thank you Sir!

By Huong Diu / Binh Minh