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82 backlog cargo containers have been auctioned at Cat Lai port

15:46 | 19/09/2017

VCN- To handle the number of backlog goods at Cat Lai port, Saigon Port Area 1 Customs Branch has announced to auction 82 backlog cargo containers at this port.

auction 82 reminder containers at cat lai port
Import-export cargo at Cat Lai Port. Photo: Thu Hòa

In particular, 63 containers of wasted goods, starting price of 1.175 billion vnd; 14 containers of all lines of merchandise with starting price of 85 million vnd and 5 containers are public machinery system and attached components, starting price of 1.672 billion vnd.

According to Saigon Port Area 1 Customs Branch, the above goods imported into Cat Lai port are overdue for 90 days but no one come to receive. Those goods under the backlog goods at Cat Lai port although Customs authorities have announced to find charterers on the mass media.

Currently, Saigon Port Area 1 Customs Branch has informed the auction organizations in Ho Chi Minh City to select a qualified organization that meets the selection criteria that proposed by the Council, in order to conduct the auction of the above assets.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy