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7 Customs Departments have to adjust to raise budget revenue target

11:15 | 14/11/2017

VCN – In order to complete budget collection target in the last months of 2017, General Department of Vietnam Customs has issued document and sent to some provincial Customs Departments for adjusting the budget collection target in 2017. Accordingly, in this adjustment, 7 Customs Departments are added in order to adjust to raising budget revenue target. 

7 customs departments have to adjust to raise budget collection target
Professional activities at Lao Cai Customs Branch. Photo: T.Trang

Those Customs Departments are Quang Ninh, Quang Ngai, Lao Cai, Binh Dinh, Cao Bang, Dak Lak, Ca Mau.

Among those units, Quang Ninh Customs Department has to adjust significantly which is increase by 800 billion vnd, hence it increases the total amount of budget has to collect to 9,800 billion vnd. Next is Quang Ngai Customs Department increase by 100 billion vnd which raise the total amount of budget collection to 900 billion vnd. Lao Cai and Cao Bang Customs Department increase by 50 billion vnd,…

As known that this adjustment is given based on the situation of the budget collection in the first 10 months in each unit and import-export activities in each locality.

According to statistics of the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the estimated collection in the first 10 months of 2017 is 237,000 billion vnd, accounting for 83.15% of current appropriation and 80.33% of the target (295,000 billion vnd). With that collection speed, in last two months of 2017, in order to reach the estimated budget of 285,000 billion vnd, the average collection that the entire customs sector has to collect is 24,000 billion vnd per month. Also, they have to collect approximately 29,000 billion vnd per month in order to achieve the target of 295,000 billion vnd as set by the Ministry of Finance. Meanwhile, the average revenue of 10 months that Customs sector collects is only 23,700 billion vnd per month.

Therefore, in order to achieve the whole year's budget collection target, the General Department of Vietnam Customs requested the provincial Customs Departments to focus on avoiding losses of revenue through valuation, especially goods with high value, high tax rates such as: cars, motorbikes, wine, beer, fabric, consumer electronic devices,...

At the same time, to intensify the inspection at the stage of customs clearance and post-clearance audit for names, codes and tax rates of goods for timely detection and handling of violations; Arrange human resources to prevent and combat smuggling and trade frauds effectively, contributing to preventing loss of revenue.

Furthermore, setting detailed plans on specific solutions to each debt for recovery and handling of debts in order to complete the assigned target, classifying and managing debts in accordance with the guidance.

Previously, in July, the General Department of Vietnam Customs also had an adjustment period of assigned budget collection target in 2017. There were 23 over 35 Customs Departments had to adjust to complete the task.

By Thu Trang/Thanh Thuy