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50 years of implementing President Ho Chi Minh's will: Make an example - from President Ho Chi Minh’s example to work of today

10:00 | 05/02/2019

VCN- The model of seriously implementing every revolutionary work though it is the smallest, an exemplary example of revolutionary ethics is considered a highlight in the working style, a highlight of the clear example shown by President Ho Chi Minh.  It is this that makes his instructions convincing and have a great effect on educating and training cadres and party members. Today, we study His exemplary spirit to understand and practice with higher requirements.

50 years of implementing president ho chi minhs will make an example from president ho chi minhs example to work of today Party, State leaders pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh
50 years of implementing president ho chi minhs will make an example from president ho chi minhs example to work of today Leaders pay tribute to heroic martyrs
50 years of implementing president ho chi minhs will make an example from president ho chi minhs example to work of today Leaders pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh
50 years of implementing president ho chi minhs will make an example from president ho chi minhs example to work of today
Visiting political classes of secondary and high school teachers throughout the North on September 13, 1958, President Ho Chi Minh said: "For the sake of ten years, we must plant trees, For hundreds of years, we must plant people". (Documentary photo)

The Party leads with the platform, the way and with the exemplary role of the party members. During the struggle to regain and protect national independence, exemplary communist soldiers showed indomitable, resilient spirit, ready to sacrifice for ideals, showing whole-hearted love and devotion for comrades and compatriots, demonstrating the pioneering role, enduring hardship, protecting the people, because happiness can be enjoyed when supporting the peoples’ fulfillment ... Good things have made people admire and believe in following the Party network flag. Today, new tasks require further efforts to overcome new challenges. These efforts start first from exemplary work ethic, morality and lifestyle of each officer, from the highest level to each and every party member.

A great mirror for making example

In every successful revolutionary journey, moral virtue and dignity is paramount, and until the end of his life, President Ho Chi Minh always set a good example for cadres, party members and to the whole world about great moral virtue, and about the scientific and heavy work in every bit of revolutionary work. He is an exemplary model that we are trying to learn from and follow today.

In 1945, the exemplary person endured ten days of fasting for one meal, prepared rice pots for the starving, and his compatriots tried to fight against the "hungry enemy" by calling for people to give rice and clothes.

More recently, the exemplary person took the lead to participate in the Tree Planting Festival to make the country become more and more beautiful when called upon for the tree planting in Tet. Until his last spring, President Ho Chi Minh still did not forget to plant trees on Vat Lai hill (Ba Vi, Hanoi) during the 10th planting year in 1969.

He called on the people to exercise for health to build and protect the Fatherland with him, "I myself practice every day."

Despite being the President, he still went to visit farmers, went to the fields to cut-down unwanted plants and irrigate the land, transplanting rice, after calling on people to fight drought, flooding, and increase production.

For cadres, party members and counselors, they must be people who have qualifications such as: hardness, frugality, have integrity and equanimity, are carefree, and are a convincing model of these good qualities. He also stated that people who are not exemplary and do not act well, they should be punished strictly.

To set an example must become a voluntary, regular and effective job requirement

Since 2012, the Secretariat has issued Regulation No. 101-QD / TU stipulating the responsibility to set an example to cadres, party members, especially by key leaders at all levels, stating: "Each officer, Communist Party members of Vietnam, must actively study and follow Ho Chi Minh's moral example. Officials with higher positions must be exemplary.” This rule emphasizes seven priority areas for needing to set an example: About political ideology; ethics, lifestyle, style; about self-criticism and criticism; relationship with the people; about responsibility in work; about the sense of discipline; about internal solidarity. Continuing to emphasize exemplary requests for officials and party members holding leading positions, the 8th Central Conference, XIIth Session (October 2018), promulgated Regulation No. 08-QD / TU on the responsibilities of party cadres for setting an example, especially with officials at the highest level: "To become an example to be a self-reliant manager for regular and effective work of officials and party members, is first of all set by the Commissioner of the Ministry Member, Member of the Secretariat, Member of the Central Executive Committee" (Quote Regulations). These documents have been actively implemented in practice, proving the Party's determination to struggle with degenerate expressions, revolutionary moral decline, resistance to constructively combat shameful signs.

With the strengthening of building, regulating the Party, struggling with specific manifestations of recession of political ideology, lifestyle morality, self-development, self-transformation, an important thing being emphasized and developed with the party members, especially the leaders, are exemplary ethics, pioneering leadership, daring to take responsibility before the Party and the people. The party members who take on leadership positions need to be exemplary in doing this. The higher the person holding the position, the more exemplary he / she must be besides the other qualities of leadership. It is also the responsibility that the Party and the people require for each party member to be a leader to strictly implement.

50 years of implementing president ho chi minhs will make an example from president ho chi minhs example to work of today National Day: Remembering President Ho Chi Minh

In the autumn days of September Vietnamese people at home and abroad celebrate Vietnamese National Day on ...

If you want to do well in setting an example, you should also have a strong will to work with honesty. More important is that each officer, party member, especially officials who hold leadership positions, must always be involved with daily tasks, specific manifestations in work to self-criticize, to self-adjust, and adjust these together to increase the dedication and responsibility for each job.

In the new Spring, the Party asked to strengthen the construction and adjustment of the Party, strictly implementing the regulations on responsibility to set the example of cadres and party members. Doing those things is also a serious and effective implementation of studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style. Make saying along with working. Once again reading / studying Uncle Ho's instructions again, reflecting on his pure example, we can realize many useful things.

By Bui Diep