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2 units with the revenue of 'tens of thousands of billion' of Hai Phong Customs

11:12 | 31/12/2018

VCN - In 2018, 2 units which were assigned the highest revenue targets of Hai Phong Customs Department were Hai Phong port zone 1 Customs Branch and Hai Phong port zone III Customs Branch with over VND 10 trillion/ unit. So far, both units have completed the task of budget collection before the deadline, making an important contribution to winning the task of budget collection of 2018 of the whole Department.

2 units with the revenue of tens of thousands of billion of hai phong customs Hai Phong Customs Department’s revenue exceeds nearly VND 500 billion
2 units with the revenue of tens of thousands of billion of hai phong customs Hai Phong signed coordination agreements with nearly 8,000 businesses
2 units with the revenue of tens of thousands of billion of hai phong customs Hai Phong Customs‘ revenue has increased in the last months of the year
2 units with the revenue of tens of thousands of billion of hai phong customs
Proportion of 2 Branches in the total revenue estimates of the whole Department in 2018. Chart: T.Binh.

Zone 1 Customs Branch and record revenue of more than VND 15 trillion

Talking to a Customs Newspaper reporter, the Manager of Hai Phong port zone 1 Customs Branch Truong Binh An, said that in 2018, the unit was assigned a target of VND 13,430 billion and a desired target of VND 13,490 billion. By December 20, 2018, the Branch collected VND 14,961 billion and expected to exceed VND 15,000 billion by the end of 2018, which far exceeds the yearly estimate target and is also a record revenue by the unit so far.

According to Hai Phong port zone 1 Customs Branch, one of the important reasons helping the unit to complete the task early was the promotion of reform and facilitation to import and export activities.

Specific tasks were focused on by the Branch, such as publicly listing administrative procedures at the office, hotline phone numbers, setting up idea boxes to receive feedback and suggestions of people and businesses, maintaining the Team in charge of solving problems at the Branch, developing a handbook to handle errors and incidents of IT systems, and promptly reporting to Hai Phong Customs Department on problems related to the system.

In particular, the Department is the first unit of the country implementing the Automated system for seaport Customs management (VASSCM) from August 15, 2017. The Branchs’ leader said that over the past 1 year, the Branch maintained stable operation of the system in seaport areas managed by the Branch and did not allow cargo congestion, actively coordinated with warehouse, yard, port operators and shipping companies to remove difficulties and problems arising during operating the system in a timely fashion.

According to the general policy of the sector and the direction of Hai Phong Customs Department, the unit paid special attention to promoting the development of Customs-Business partnerships. In 2018, the Branch directly contacted, propagated and instructed enterprises to sign cooperation agreements, and facilitated trade, import and export activities, and accompanied with the development of enterprises, organized an assessment and survey for the implementation of the Agreement on Development of Customs - Business Partnership, issued and implemented the planned contents of meetings and talks with enterprises.

On the other hand, the Branch continued to focus on creating conditions for its civil servants to promote initiatives to apply in operations, contributing to reforming and facilitating import and export activities. In 2018, the Branch’s civil servants registered 18 initiatives and applied them into practice. Some typical initiatives were IT application in the management and administration, computerization of monitoring and management of goods sampling, and advanced supervision of goods; control of the goods classification; control of declarations which have not yet completed Customs procedures, the process of advanced ruling on price; management of tax debts; unified monitoring of infringing goods which are forced to be taken out of the territory.

Zone III Customs Branch: Accompanying the enterprise

In 2018, Hai Phong Port zone III Customs Branch was assigned to collect VND 12,640 billion. Manager of the Branch Tran Manh Hung said: The unit determined this task as a key task, so right from the first days of the year, the Branch’s leader tried to carry out directions of the Department’s leaders on focusing on measures for facilitation to increase revenue and enhance measures for anti-tax revenue losses.

“On December 20, 2018, the Branch's total revenue reached VND 12,658 billion, this revenue was expected to exceed VND 13,000 billion - the record revenue so far,” said Tran Manh Hung.

As mentioned above, one of the important reasons helping increase the revenue of the Branch is the implementation of measures to facilitate the business community.

2 units with the revenue of tens of thousands of billion of hai phong customs Hai Phong Customs strengthen to provide information for supporting enterprises on media

The highlight at the Hai Phong Border port zone III Customs Branch in 2018, was that the leadership arranged a delegation to directly visit headquarters of a number of enterprises that regularly carry out Customs procedures and have high-value declarations at the Branch, to listen and grasp the problems arising in the process of Customs clearance, in order to remove and create the most favorable conditions for importers and exporters in a timely manner. In particular, in 2018, new large enterprises carrying out procedures at the Branch contributed about VND 200 billion to the budget revenue.

With a total target of VND 26,088 billion, Hai Phong port zone 1 Customs Branch and Hai Phong port zone III Customs Branch account for about 52% of the Hai Phong Customs Department’s total estimated target in 2018 (an estimated target of VND 50,050 billion).

Preliminary update of the General Department of Customs to December 23, 2018, shows that the total budget revenue of Hai Phong Customs Department reached VND 53,507 billion, exceeding 6.91% of the estimated target and 5.66% of the desired target assigned by the General Department of Customs.

By Thai Binh/ Huyen Trang