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2 Lamborghini supercars must be lodged 25 billion VND of tax at Hai Phong port

20:27 | 11/09/2018

VCN – Each Lamborghini supercar which is used by high society must be lodged more than tens of billion VND of tax including import tariff, excise tax and VAT.

2 lamborghini supercars must be lodged 25 billion vnd of tax at hai phong port
Illustration image. Source: Internet

As Customs News published, 2 Lamborghini supercars Huracan LP610-4 were imported to Hai Phong port over the past year, but the enterprise got into financial difficulties so they didn’t have enough money to pay tax for cargo clearance.

Hence, how much tax is needed to be paid for each supercar?

According to the Customs New’s information source, the total amount of tax was nearly 25 billion VND (over 12 billion VND/car) including: import tariff, excise tax and VAT.

Also, based on the reporter’s reference source, price of Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 in the USA is from $US 241,000 for the Coupe version, $US 266,000 for the Spyder version.

In that, on the Vietnamese market, the price of each supercar fell into the range of 16-17 billion VND.

On 4/5/2017, CT – Wearnes Co. Ltd., opened an import declaration for those two supercars “Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4”. After that, however, the enterprise has not paid tax for receiving goods.

Over a year later (on 1/8/2018), the company has just submitted the periodical motor vehicle inspection certificate for compliance with technical safety and environmental protection requirements. After receiving the certificate provided by the company, the Customs authorities has completed the inspection, thus when the enterprise pays tax, the goods will be automatically cleared.

However, till 6/9/2018, the company has not paid tax for cargo clearance and the two supercars are still in the Customs supervision area at Tan Vu port, Hai Phong.

According to the enterprises' documents sent to the Customs authorities, the reason is due to financial difficulties.

According to the Customs News, each supercar which is being stored at Tan Vu port has to pay fees of about 80,000 to 100,000 VND per day.

However, the amount for storage is much lower than storing the cars in containers. According to some sources, the cost of storing each supercar in a container can increase by up to 1 million VND per day (demurrage charge will be paid to the shipping line).

Therefore, in order to cut costs, the enterprise had to take the cars out of containers and store them in the port enterprise’s yard.

Besides that, the storage fee at the port is also much lower than the cost of paying tens of billions of tax and then taking the cars to the showroom for display and sale.

According to information previously published in the newspaper, in 2014, CT-Wearnes Vietnam Co. Ltd., was selected as authorized distributor of Lamborghini in Vietnam.

This is the first Lamborghini distributor in Vietnam to be settled in Hanoi.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy