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10 highlight events of the State Treasury system in 2016

09:09 | 08/01/2017

VCN – The State Treasury has announced 10 highlight events of State Treasury in 2016 with outstanding achievements together with Finance to effectively implement directions and operations of the Government, contributing to socio-economic development.

10 highlight events of the state treasury system in 2016 The State Treasury controls more than 741 trillion vnd
10 highlight events of the state treasury system in 2016 “ The State Treasury builds an important legal framework for sustainable development"
10 highlight events of the state treasury system in 2016 Beware of fake State Treasury information pages
10 highlight events of the state treasury system in 2016

In 2016, the State Treasury completed well its assigned tasks. Photo: Thuy Linh

1. Successfully completing the task of capital mobilization for the State budget under the Resolution of the National Assembly, the result was achieved on all 5 criteria on mobilization volume, bond period, bond rates, issuing method and products, and investor structure.

2. Creating a completed and unified legal framework to better perform the management of the State budget in accordance with Decree No. 24/2016/ND-CP of the Government issued on 5 April 2016 on management regulations of State funds. This is to complete and unify the legal framework to comprehensively regulate State funds management, ensuring safety and effectiveness, and closely link the State fund with State budget and debt management, and enhancing the transparency and efficiency of mobilization, management and use of financial resources of the State and strengthening the international integration on public finance.

3. Successfully deploying the task of State budget settlement assigned by the Ministry of Finance to the State Treasury for implementation. The State Treasury tightly collaborated with relevant units to report and explain in a timely fashion and accurately with full basis on the increase of the State budget deficit and report in detail in line with projects; the disbursement of foreign capital increased over the estimate meeting the requirements of the competent authorities, being approved by the Finance Committee - Congressional Budget to submit to the National Assembly Standing Committee to submit to the National Assembly and being adopted by the National Assembly.

4. Providing online public services of the State budget on computer contributed to administration reform in the operation of the State Treasury in particular and Finance in general. The State Treasury provided online public services to units using the State budget and investors on the electronic portal to reform administrative procedures, and modernize expenditure control;creating maximum favorable conditions for units using the State budget, and investors. In terms of units controlling the expenditure of the State Treasury, the online public services contributed to the modernization of expenditure control consistent with the dossiers and documents of the units carrying out the expenditure control.

5. Completing the developing strategic objectives and plans of the State Treasury rom 2011 to 2015, reporting to the Prime Minister approving the implementation plan during 2016 - 2020. The Treasury made significant achievements in: management of the State Treasury fund and the State Financial fund; management of the Government fund and debts; performance of State accounting, payment system, inspection system, internal auditing system, information and technology, apparatus organization; human resource development and international cooperation. These were important achievements recognizing the efforts of the State Treasury system under the strict guidance of the Ministry of Finance, and a precondition for State Treasury to submit to the Ministry of Finance approving the plan to deploy the remaining contents in accordance with the roadmap and objectives.

6. Drastically and effectively deploying measures of the State Treasury to accelerate the disbursement progress of public investment plans in 2016 under Resolution No. 60/NQ-CP of the Government dated 08/7/2016. With drastic direction with the right solution, the disbursement of public investment had positive changes and the volume of disbursed capital increased sharply over months, striving to complete the plan of investment capital disbursement in 2016 for the approved projects.

7. Successfully implementing the tasks of specialized inspection and administrative sanctions in State Treasury for the State Treasury system. With this task, public servants in charge of the inspection - checking of the State treasury system have grown significantly, confirmed their political bravery, moral characteristic and professional qualifications, contributing to the successful completion of the political task of the State Treasury in 2016.

8. Completing the establishment of the legal framework on State financial statements in order to perform the function of State General Accounting in orientation of development strategy of the State Treasury. According to the plan, it is expected that the first State financial statement will be publicized in the hope of assisting State financial management units to analyze, evaluate and manage the resources, obligations and status of using State resources, thereby issuing right policies for management and operation of national Finance.

9. Expanding international relationships and strengthening international co-operation with the Ministries of Finance of Laos and Cuba, and the International Association of Treasury and other international organizations in the field of State Treasury. The external relation and international cooperation of the State Treasury developed in both width and depth with many impressions recognizing the changes in quality and forms from learning international experiences from traditional partners to expanding partners and sharing experiences to other partners.

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10. Successfully organizing a State Treasury delegation visiting and working at the Spratly Islands and the DK1 rig, contributing to raising awareness of cadres and civil servants in the State treasury system of protecting the sovereignty of the motherland. This visit brought profound experiences for the delegation on the sacred sovereignty of the motherland; traditional patriotic education for all civil servants of the State Treasury system, and encouraged and shared difficulties of soldiers and citizens in the islands.

By Thuy Linh/ Huyen Trang