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10 containers of IPRs infringement at Hai Phong Port

16:29 | 23/10/2017

 VCN- Some shipments in 10 containers were identified as fake Converse shoes of Nike by the competent agencies.

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10 containers of iprs infringement at hai phong port

Recently, Laos Embassy in Vietnam has sent the Official letter to Hai Phong Customs Department for the proposal of transferring 10 containers (under 7 shipments) in transit which were seized by Hai Phong Customs to Laos.

According to Laos Embassy, the 7 shipments belonged to Phong Phi Phat Company (Laos) through commercial documents and only were transited via Vietnam border gate.

Responding to the proposal of the Laos Embassy, the representative of Hai Phong Customs Department said that the transport documents showed that the shipments were transported from China via Hai Phong Port, the consignor was Chinese company and the consignee was Lao company. The notify party was the branch of Melody Logistic Co., Ltd in Ha Noi (in charge of Customs procedures in Vietnam) and goods were footwear, motorcycle parts, and women underwear and etc.

Hai Phong Customs Department sent an Official letter to Melody Logistics and shipping lines to invite the owner of the shipments to the Customs office but until now the owner has not come to the Customs office. Hence, the shipments have seized for handling in accordance with the law.

It is known that the shipments were detected and seized by the Customs Enforcement Team (Hai Phong Customs Department) in collaboration with Hai Phong Customs Branch Zone III in July and August 2017. The notable commodity which had a sign of infringement was tens of thousands of Converse shoes.

After seizing the suspected exhibits in accordance with regulation, Hai Phong Customs has deployed operational measures to investigate and ask for verification of competent agencies.

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Recently, Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute (Ministry of Science and Technology) provided verification results of some containers. Accordingly, the imported Converse shoes in the shipments were counterfeited. Thereby, these shoes infringed the regulations on IPRs for products which were recognized and protected under provisions of the Law on Intellectual Property No.50/2005/QH11 and Law No. 36/2009/QH12 amending and supplementing a number of articles of Law on Intellectual Property.

On the other hand, Nike Vietnam Co., Ltd. (the owner of the Converse brand) said that the imported Converse shoes were not made or licensed for production or distribution in the market by the Converse.

The leader of Customs Enforcement Team said that the amount of goods in transit via Hai Phong port was not large and mainly was general cargo, machinery equipment, cigarettes and etc. In the past times, implementing the direction of the General Department of Vietnam Customs, Hai Phong Customs Departments strengthened to inspect and control to promptly detect and prevent illegal transportation via transit model (the popular international transportation method).

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan