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Urgently develop pricing scheme of services switched from fees

14:27 | 19/09/2016

VCN- The Ministry of Finance has issued a public letter to the People's Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities guiding the construction, appraisal and announcement of services prices which are regulated in the Law on Fees and Charges.

urgently develop pricing scheme of services switched from fees
Parking belongs to 9 services transferred from fees to prices evaluated by the State. Photo: Internet.

According to the Ministry of Finance, in the content of the Law on Fees and Charges taking effective from 1-1-2017, some services are transferred from fees to prices valued by the State.

9 such services are: products, irrigation of public services; measurement services, cadastral mapping in the case the competent government agencies assign or lease new land or allow the transfer of land use in areas without coordinated cadastral maps; renting premises at market areas; Road user services including highways, highway investment projects for road construction business; ferry, port and station services, parking services; solid waste treatment activities funded by the State budget ; collection and transportation of household wastes invested by the State budget.

According to the Ministry of Finance, after passing the Law on Fees and Charges, the agency drafted and submitted to the Government a draft decree amending and supplementing Decree No. 177/2013 / ND-CP detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of the Law on Prices in order to issue timely guidelines for transfer charges in compliance with the price mechanism from 1-1-2017.

Pending the issue of this decree, the Ministry of Finance proposed the People's Committees of provinces and cities assign specialized departments to counsel, set up and appraise price plans and submit to the People’s Commission before publishing charge of services under the jurisdiction of local appraisals.

During this process, it is necessary to steer the review of current charges, based on the performance and balance of revenues and expenditures, estimate the offset of incurred costs in order to provide services from the total amount (100% of the total toll) equivalent to current fees. At the same time, local authorities should set up price plans and propose charges of services or hold the current toll rates for these services in line with current legislation, local conditions and also enable to avoid large fluctuations.

As for products and irrigation of public services, local authorities should base on the portfolio of products and irrigational works of public services issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to require service providers to file and evaluate price plans for the product and irrigation of public services under local management. Later on, the Ministry of Agriculture and rural Development will make considerations and synthesize proposals before submitting to the Ministry of Finance for valuation decision. Based on that result, the provincial People's Committee will issue a specific price within its jurisdiction regulated in the Decree.

By H.Van/ Thu Phương