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Transfer fees do not have big impact on price levels

15:42 | 05/07/2017

Speaking about the price management in the first 6 months in 2017, Mr. Nguyen Van Truyen - Deputy Director of the Department of Price Management under the Ministry of Finance says: The development of consumer price index (CPI) has decreased over months, leading the average CPI growth rate decreased gradually compared to the same period in the last year.

transfer fees do not have big impact on price levels
Thứ trưởng Trần Văn Hiếu phát biểu tại hội nghị sơ kết của Cục Quản lý giá.

It is worth noting that in the past half year, taking advantage of the time as the market price movements fluctuate at low levels, the Government has directed to implement the step 2 on the price of medical services in the remaining 27 localities, complete this adjustment in 63/63 provinces. This is a basic step, guided and implemented with caution on the basis of the base scenarios, forecasting impact on the CPI, thereby, we are both taking advantage of the opportunity to regulate the price of public services, and are still capable of controlling inflation in 2017 as the target.

Also related to the transfer of some services from management fee to price mechanism, the Department of Price Management has consulted the Ministry to coordinate with ministries and agencies to develop and issue 12 circular instructions on price for services under it management to timely apply the Law on Fees and Charges which has come into effect on January 1, 2017.

At the local level, most provinces and cities have issued price regulations for some services under their jurisdiction. Some services have not been issued because of the price adjustment process, local authorities have written instructions to temporarily apply the price level which is equal to the previous charge. Basically, the transfer of some fees to the price mechanism does not have a big impact on the price level in the first 6 months in 2017.

In managing the prices of essential commodities, petrol and oil prices are managed in line with world trends and combined with the administration of import tax in the base price formula and the spending for the Price Stabilization Fund to ensure the principles of operating under the market mechanism within the State management.

The average retail price of electricity remained stable at 1,622.vnd/ kWh. Currently, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is perfecting the draft Decision of the Prime Minister regulating the mechanism for adjusting the average retail price of electricity and the frame of the average retail price of electricity in 2016-2020.

In the past six months, the Department of Price Management has chaired and collaborated with other ministries and localities to organize 4 price control teams at 16 enterprises producing and trading paddy, rice, salt, feeding stuff, disinfectants, vaccines, sugar...; Three delegation teams took the situation of implementing the transfer fee in 10 localities including Hanoi, Ha Nam, Hung Yen, Nam Dinh, Dak Lak, Phu Yen, Lam Dong, Can Tho, Ca Mau and Binh Duong. The inspections have promptly instructed departments, branches in the areas to implement.

In general, Deputy Minister of Finance Tran Van Hieu said that the most outstanding issue that the Department has done in the past 6 months is more active in tracking the developments, and forecasts quite exactly about the price movement of the market, does the state management of prices well, and not falls into cases, commodities, ...

According to the Deputy Minister, in the second half of the year, the Department of Price Management should continue to do well the role of "conductor" in the state management of prices. In particular, paying attention to the transfer from the fee to service prices because of the fact that the problems still remain, then timely recognizing, not being subjective, and considering and evaluating the impact on GDP to deal with.

In addition, the Deputy Minister also noted the improvement of the quality evaluation, tightening the organization of examinations, improving the quality of appraisers; Continuing to perfect the legal framework for valuation standards, the standards already issued must also be reviewed, amended, specifically tying the responsibility of inspectors, etc.

By Minh Anh / Kieu Oanh